Monday, November 19, 2012



Firstly, I need to say a big sorry to you each of you who have left comments for me these past few months.  I am sorry for not replying.  I can't blame it on a large volume of comments, as I don't get many.  But I have been under the weather for a few months now and have neglected you.  I have really appreciated every comment.  I have been thrilled to read your encouragements and advice.  Sorry for the silence in return!

So today's post is titled Spoil.

 These are the first fruits of our tiny crop of butter beans. I think we have a delightful and surprising early spoil.  They were going to be eaten last night, but we were invited to a lovely Thanksgiving lunch which filled us up nicely.  But tonight, their fate is consumption!

And at the risk of spoiling the surprise of a christmas gift, here are the slippers I have knitted for my beautiful step-daughter.  I am worried they are going to be too small, but they are easy enough to knit up so I can always whip up another pair.

I used the pattern from this book and then ravelled it.

And for my step-daughter's step-daughter, (my step-step-granddaughter?!), I knitted up a smaller pair topped with a crocheted flower.  Poor Liam is modelling them for me, but I have saved him the shame of photographing his face in the pic! Ravelled here.

I seem to be starting more projects than finishing!  I really am not one to like having too many WIPs/UFOs, but right now I do.

This blankie
This dress
This jumper 
This jumper

Then add to that a knitted necklace, more pj's and another baby's jumpsuit.  Oh yeah, and christmas decorations.  Star garlands!  I'm also seeking inspiration for an advent calender.

And I have a head spinning with plans for more quilts, sewing tops for me and zippered bags.  When I review my boards on Pinterest, I am giddy with excitement at all the crafty plans waiting to be hatched.  But where is the time for it all?  I'm starting to think that these so-called Nanna-crafts are done by Nanna's because they are retired and have more time on their hands.  Pah!

As I type my boys are quietly watching a spot of telly.  I think I will seize this opportunity to finish some projects!



  1. The slippers are fabulous!!! Your step-daughter is going to be in love with them and have warm toes. Definitely a win-win!

  2. Love the slippers Fi! Could you make some for me in hot pink?? Lol.
    I am no longer allowing myself to look at Pinterest. Too many ideas for things I want to make and I only get cranky as I don't have the time to make them!

  3. You have been busy....looks like Christmas is well under way to being organised for you....hope you are feeling better too. xx

  4. love those slippers - they look the perfect mix of warm without being overly snuggly - a year round slipper! love the colours you chose too. x


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