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I am a married mother of two young boys.  Being totally outnumbered in my home, I have embraced all things crafty so that I will have a hobby when the menfolk are out doing their thing.  And so that I have something that I can do that will stay done.  Stay at home parents will understand this.

I grew up in a home that was filled with my hoarding father's life's work (junk collecting) and my mother's penchant for cluttery nick-nacks.  And for some unknown reason, I was creatively stifled.  I actually believed I had no talent for anything creative despite daydreaming about the possibilities.

Getting married, raising two amazing little men and moving away from the rut I was in living in Sydney, I have emerged.  Yes, the creative me that I had only daydreamed about, pushed her way out of the metaphorical cocoon and is learning to fly!

I knit, crochet, sew, quilt and draw.  Growing up in a junk cave has given me an appreciation of the vintage, of the possibility in all things used and space.  Now I am not a clutter-bug but neither am I a spartan minimalist.  I do like to be surrounded by beauty and character as long as it is functional.  I love the pre-loved and have recently branched out into vintage fabrics and soft furnishings.  I will be launching an online store soon so you can share in this obsession with me.

Now in my 30's I am living life big.  My two boys, a toddler and a preschooler, keep me busy and keep me learning.  My husband keeps me loved.  And my Saviour Jesus Christ keeps me hopeful.

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