Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Who Is This?

Who is this who calls me lovely
Who has saved a wretch like me
Giving beauty for ashes
To be His crown of glory
Who has bought me with His own blood
To clothe me as His bride
The fervent love of my redeemer
Wants me forever by His side

Have you listened to Melissa Otto's* music?  You will find her lyrics beautiful and honest like this verse from Who Is This.  I think her voice is gentle and earthy and sweet.  I think her youth is no obstacle in her music ministry.

I have been listening to her inspired music.  I have been yearning to grow closer to my Saviour.

I know my heart has strayed, and with baby-steps and His help I am getting reacquainted and unshackled.

Listen to Melissa's tracks.  Watch her video clips.  But grab a tissue box if you find your heart breaking.

A special thanks to Jenny and Sandy who have been praying for me and shouldering a little of my pain of late.

Proverbs 18:24 ~ There is a friend who sticks closer than a {sister} brother

*I am not paid to promote Melissa Otto, I simply feel compelled to introduce you to her if you aren't already familiar with her music.


Wednesday, October 17, 2012


clockwise from top: Liam sporting his smart shower cap for surgery; my hospital essentials; me looking tres tired and just as spiffy in the shower cap; Liam eating his umpteenth icecream before breakfast; Liam quite happy to have eaten so much icecream; Liam's hospital essentials.
Tonsils are out!

Adenoids are out!

Middle-ear gunk is oooozing out!

I have a bright, brave and now hearing little boy.  He was so remarkable at the hospital.  I did expect the worst, and was pleasantly surprised by how well it all went.

Thank you for all the well-wishes and prayers.

Rick wanted to bake a cake but I had a hankering to bake a Victoria Sponge with Raspberry jam, so I did.
And for those who were not following along on Instagram, it was my birthday the same day.  So the day before was cake and family time.  Then on the day, I totally forgot it was my birthday . . . even my hubby and kids needed reminding . . . but the song was sung the day before!

I feel so excited for Liam.  There's a whole world out there for him to experience more fully.  He can hear his ABC Reading Eggs, he is snoring less and hopefully his sleep apnoea is gone.

But what I am praying for most is for Liam to get well enough to go off his seizure medication. I guess all will be revealed in the days and weeks ahead.


Thursday, October 4, 2012

In the quiet . . .

. . . I took photos.
I reacquainted myself with Instagram (ahem . . joined 12 months ago, and like ravelry, it has taken me a while to actually get going with it).

I played with the different filters.  I feel like I am so 2 years ago . . .

I captured the things around me today that make me feel happy

I couldn't include my kids as they are at daycare today

I couldn't include Rick as he has hurt his back and is in quite a bit of pain- that does not make me happy

You can find me on Instagram :: BraveNewVintage

Wait a few days as I think I have put almost all my pics up here today!
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