Wednesday, October 17, 2012


clockwise from top: Liam sporting his smart shower cap for surgery; my hospital essentials; me looking tres tired and just as spiffy in the shower cap; Liam eating his umpteenth icecream before breakfast; Liam quite happy to have eaten so much icecream; Liam's hospital essentials.
Tonsils are out!

Adenoids are out!

Middle-ear gunk is oooozing out!

I have a bright, brave and now hearing little boy.  He was so remarkable at the hospital.  I did expect the worst, and was pleasantly surprised by how well it all went.

Thank you for all the well-wishes and prayers.

Rick wanted to bake a cake but I had a hankering to bake a Victoria Sponge with Raspberry jam, so I did.
And for those who were not following along on Instagram, it was my birthday the same day.  So the day before was cake and family time.  Then on the day, I totally forgot it was my birthday . . . even my hubby and kids needed reminding . . . but the song was sung the day before!

I feel so excited for Liam.  There's a whole world out there for him to experience more fully.  He can hear his ABC Reading Eggs, he is snoring less and hopefully his sleep apnoea is gone.

But what I am praying for most is for Liam to get well enough to go off his seizure medication. I guess all will be revealed in the days and weeks ahead.



  1. Great to hear that there are signs of improvement. Harry had the gunk pouring out for a long time as well - better out than in

  2. Yay and happy birthday to you...sounds like you have a heap to celebrate and be thankful for. xxx

  3. Oh Fi, I'm so pleased to read all this. I know how stressful it all is. Fabulous news. Watch him thrive now! J x

  4. Am so happy to hear all went well with your little one's operation. And happy belated birthday to you too xx


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