Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Oh My Stars

I had so much fun making these stars!  And I am delighted in them.  I know you want to make them too for your tree or as a garland like I have done.  The free pattern is from Jodie at Jellywares.  Aren't we blessed to have such clever generous people here in the blogosphere?!  I'm blessed for sure.  I have had numerous requests for the pattern and for me to gift them.  I'll be crocheting around the clock I think!

I made these from 4ply cotton thread in true yellow, soft yellow, peach and sky blue.  I used the tiniest hook I had and then joined them with a single crochet to a chain.

I have plans to make more in a thicker yarn as individual ornaments with ribbon and a button like Jodie's, for the tree we may or may not get.  But they will definitely adorn my annual jars of lemon butter!






  1. They are a little addictive aren't they and gorgeous to boot!
    Thanks for sharing the link Fiona, these will become a holiday staple I think :)

  2. They are gorgeous Fi! I love them but I so don't have the time to take up crochet!

  3. They are so delicate and look stunning on your beautiful cupboard. xx

  4. so sweet they are gorgeous. next year i must learn to crotchet.

  5. Fiona, these a just beautiful, you clever lady! x

  6. Very cute and pretty. thanks for the link to the pattern!

    1. Thanks Louise. I hope you get to make many stars too. Mine are now hanging above my bed. Stars are so happy to look at. xxx

  7. What sweetness :) Learning to crochet is on my resolution list for 2013! I'd love to make these for my daughters room.

    Sophie xo

  8. Oh my goodness I am in love with these wee stars........

  9. These look fantastic! If I was any good at crochet I wold definitely make some for Christmas!

  10. Oh these are delightful! Handmade has so much more appeal to me than everything bought. You are clever to create these! x

  11. Star bunting - so clever, so nice. Thanks for sharing. I thought I might make random bunting for Xmas and stars would be just right.


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