Sunday, December 23, 2012

Our Christmas Came Early

Warning: lots of photos!

We hosted our family christmas lunch last Sunday.  It was just easier that way.  Here's the wrap up (excuse the pun!)

The Guests

My husband's gorgeous children and their families.  We didn't get to see one of my steppies but he and his girl have promised to visit Boxing Day.  Joy!

The Food

We had a BBQ.  Easy peasy.  Makes everyone happy.  Plenty of vegetables though to eat alongside the mandatory steak and sausages for our meatlovers.  And dessert was the quintessential aussie/kiwi christmas pudding, pavlova.  I covered it in mangoes, strawberries and passionfruit with chocolate to sprinkle to personal measure.

Oops, only got instagram pics of these sides and salads
veggies for chargrilling | Spanish potato salad | tomato basil & boconccini salad with avocado

squeaky cheese (haloumi) kebabs
chargrilled eggplant with paprika served with a garlic feta sauce (not pictured)
Pavlova for dessert of course with extra strawberries and generous dustings of chocolate shavings

The Pressies

I made presents for everyone this year.  Unfortunately I didn't get a pic of the lemon butter but you can grab my recipe here.  It is the lemoniest lemon butter so it is definitely for lemon loving fans.

1. Slippers
2. & 3. Pyjamas for my step grandson.  Using my favourite pattern, well my only patter for pj's!  Oliver&S Sleepover Pyjamas as seen on this blog before
4. And my attempt at the much-done-for-christmas-presents-in-blogland beads (I would have to put a dozen or so links here for where I've seen it before; can I just trust that you have been around here too for a while and know all the places you've seen them?)

My shortbread didn't turn out as I liked so it didn't get gifted.  And to add a bit more value to the presents, gift cards and chocolates were also thrown in for good measure.

We received awesome reading material and yummy-yums, while the boys got toys, toys and more toys.

Getting the kids to sit still and face the camera was next to impossible!  I took dozens but the others are all blurry or not faces!

Yes, this is my tree.  At least it wasn't raided of its baubles or knocked over!

What about the big day?

Well, admittedly Christmas has lost its thunder but it would have been more disappointing on Christmas day to not have had an early celebration.  Rick's older kids have their Mum's christmas breakfast then their partners family commitments.  They live 90 mins from us, it was just easier to grab them early than to not see them at all.

We will enjoy our little family's company.  I love my husband and children to pieces, so to have a lazy morning with pancakes and eggs and tomatoes from the garden, then perhaps a picnic at the beach will be more than christmassy enough for me.

I will bake some special slice no doubt and we will probably eat something from the freezer that night.

Tonight we are off to our cul-de-sac neighbourhood party.  Such fun times!

I hope your Christmas day is full of happiness, of laughter, of special happy memory making.  Wear loose clothing!

Love and blessings from mine to yours

Fi xxxx


  1. Oh those haloumi kebabs look to die for! You've made me hungry Fi! I love that you ,made your gifts this year :) Somthing I want to do next year. Time ran away from me this time around! Merry Christmas to you and your family...

    Sophie xo

  2. I wish I was there!! Looked like such fun! Rich will be disappointed when he finds out his missed out on the pav!!!
    Bring on boxing day woooooo! (I love having the boys to myself hehe) xxxx

  3. Looks like a great gathering! Good on you for getting so many presents made! Your Christmas day sounds lovely and relaxing, enjoy!

  4. I was drooling over all your food pics on IG Fi, it looks like such a yummy feast was had.
    So glad that you got to celebrate with family, even if it is earlier.
    Our day is going to be a relaxed one much like yours...its supposed to be 40 degrees here so I imagine we'll make the most of living on the coast.
    Wishing you all a joyous Christmas lovely.

  5. It looks like a festive and fun-filled celebration - your dishes look delicious!! Hope your Christmas day is a peaceful one and that you have a lovely start to the New Year xx

  6. Thanks for sharing your Chrissy pics...just helps get in the mood for us in a day or so...Merry Christmas to you and yours and look forward to more lovely blogging next year. xx


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