Thursday, October 20, 2011

Chaos & Gratitude

I've often heard the analogy of the duck on the water applied to some mums.  You know,  all calm and graceful above the water whilst below little webbed feet paddle furiously [graceful despite the unseen chaos]. . . I haven't heard it applied to me!  I'm more like a goose that is madly flapping its wings above, feet wildly paddling to no where below, and honking like the world is hard of hearing. Yes, when things aren't working out, I make no secret of it.  I don't label myself as a whinger (ahem) but I can't keep a facade | I totally suck at poker.

I have been pondering this the last couple of days . . . perhaps I need a litte more gratitude in my thinking?  I was challenged with task this morning. 

I took the kids to the local library thinking it was high time we joined up and to see what programs they run.  Perfect day to go because they were having their children's reading and craft this morning.  But my kids were feral.  Dean screamed the entire shopping centre down just prior - yes one of those almighty howls about nothing and people looking at me with either horror or sympathy | both I find abhorrent at such times.  Just look away people and ignore the meltdown!  Yes, so clever me took the boys to the library *clever really means dopey in this case* . . . you can guess what happened next. 

The ladies who run our library are L.O.V.E.L.Y.  Thanks to their patience, kindness and understanding, we were all signed up in minutes, free books given to the boys [yes, free TO KEEP!], and booked in for the children's reading and craft time (that only cost $1.20 each - craft time that I don't have to clean up after is worth 10 times that!).  And you know what?  The boys were calm and loved every single moment of it.  They even helped clean up and were the last to go.

Therefore, I can tell you that I am grateful for our local library!

I'm grateful my kids like my pizzas made from wholemeal english muffins, with olives, cheese and avocado (and N O mushroom please mummy!)

Another thing I am challenged in being grateful for is being a renter.  I won't start on my list of gripes but I will tell you that I have found that I can be grateful for the garden here.

I can even be grateful for the bedrooms despite them looking like Dr Seuss vomitted on the walls.

Do you have a clever trick for the public toddler meltdown?  Oh please share, I might be able to use it with success!!


  1. When Kaizer has these meltdowns I always try my hardest to distract him...sometimes with success but often not. The library is such an amazing place isn't it? We are there every week and still the novelty hasn't worn off :)

  2. Awww sorry I have no tricks, as I have no kids! But sounds like you did a great thing by taking them to the library! A free, exciting and educational trip every time! Oh and those pizzas look yummy.

  3. I find it hard sometimes to be a bit more grateful for those little things, it sounds like you've done a good job today even with the odd obstacle or two:) I think the library was a great thing to do today with your boys, you came in contact with lovely ladies and got some beautiful books to read for free, the best type. Toddler tantrums are hard in public, I try to either distract like Tammi said or ignore, it's hard though. I hope you have a great Friday Fiona. x

  4. Oh I feel for you! I often wonder how I survived but I think my answer was to never go out in public! We went to beaches and parks in all weathers (bearing in mind we lived in Scotland)with flasks of hot tea and picnics. I found that Small Boys do not do well in enclosed spaces such as shopping centres and libraries! Find a great friend with similarly aged children who you can go places with and to each other's houses who will not judge you! Your sanity for the next couple of years is very important!
    As for the groceries, I used to wait until husband got home and went on my own - the peace was wonderful!
    Sandra x

  5. The library saved my sanity many times as a mother of very young kids. Just getting out of the house when the budget was tight and going somewhere warm and dry in the wet UK winters, an endless supply of books and the possibility of meeting new people. I couldn't thank those lovely librarians enough! I'm not sure I ever managed the same tactics against tantrums twice in a row. I think it was always trying so hard to stay calm and not look embarrassed or like I was going to burst into tears myself and then trying to move to a quieter place with less of an audience while everyone calmed down. Good luck and remember, they DO grow out of it!

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