Sunday, October 16, 2011

My birthday . . . .

I wasn't really trying to hide, the blanket was shading my face from the sun!

It was my birthday last week.  Flowers from Rick and my little fellas, a delicious breakfast and a kip in the garden.  Bliss.

My boys have filthy colds so the day included much nose wiping and whinging.  Oh, poor little fellas, they have had hand foot & mouth virus and now colds.  Little troopers though as they had plenty of smiles and tricks just for me.

PS that bircher museli you see above was absolutely delicious and I will be sharing the recipe soon!  I think you will be surprised and will want to try it.



  1. A very happy birthday for last week. That bircher muesli looks good, it's a favourite of mine and the big girl. I hope that your little ones get better soon, it sounds like they've had a rough time. Have a great week. x

  2. Happy Birthday Fi, sounds like you had a lovely day with your men :)
    Looking forward to that recipe.

  3. Happy Burthday Fiona!! The flowers ate gorgeous but my favorite of those photos is the one of you on the rug. There is nothing better than a Kip in the sun! Hope you had a great day xx


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