Sunday, October 2, 2011

Brave New Me :: Where am I?

So, where do I start?... ok, I'll just tell you as it is.

Hervey Bay didn't work out.  Unemployment and the threat of a long sweltering summer for us eskimos just didn't appeal in the end.  Rick and I decided that he should find full time work again and I will continue on at the home front until we are more settled.  What an upheaval- to say the least.  Twice in 11 weeks we drove 1300kms with two boisterous toddlers in the back seat.  Not my idea of fun not to mention I think I sped past a speed camera just hours after Rick did!

Hervey Bay is beautiful and the home of most of Rick's family.  We also attended Hervey Bay SDA Church while we were there and were met with a massive amount of support and christian love.  I will  miss my family and friends there very much. 

So where are we now?  Back in Port Stephens, infact we are only minutes away from our old house.  This area has a high demand on the rentals so we were blessed to get a house.  Being able to crack open our boxes of belongings and make this house our home has settled our troubled minds considerably.

And now another chapter begins.  Meanwhile, I'll be in the kitchen if you are looking for me (recipes to follow soon).


Just before we left we had some family photos on the beloved pier

We are going to miss the pier where we visited almost daily

Just a random photo in a park in Kempsey NSW on our way home


  1. It takes courage to go back, I admire that you let good sense and wisdom guide you, not stubborness or false pride.
    You gave it a try, you would have perhaps regretted if you hadn't, so all is for the best.
    You are a brave woman indeed.

  2. I heard you were back! Hope you all settle back quickly and smoothly,
    Sandra xx

  3. Oh gosh, Fiona, you have been through the mill lately. Good for you for having the courage to change tack and best of luck with making this move work. J x

  4. Aww that must have been so stressful for you. You seem to have handled it with such calmness and a great attitude. It is good to hear you are feeling settled again. I have been following you for awhile but just started a new blog under a different name. Looking forward to hearing more about your next chapter.

  5. Hats off to you for trying something new Fi and for recognising the need to return home. There is never any harm in trying new things, at least now you will never wonder what if.

    Welcome back :)


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