Monday, August 22, 2011

It's in the little things . . .


When we moved to Hervey Bay we thought that all would fall into place once I find a job and that I would find a job within a month . . . ok, still looking for that elusive job but not for a lack of trying.  On last count, I have approached 50 businesses by either answer to an advertised job or cold call, more of the latter for lack of the former.  I have put myself out there, flogging a product that I am reluctant to flog as it is me!  It is weird 'selling yourself' to complete strangers some of whom I suspect have shredded my resume the second I left the premises (is that the correct use of whom?). . . but this is not going to deter me as my life is in God's hands.  He's got a plan for me.

So, to carry on until I get a job, I look for blessings and things to keep me positive.  Last week, in a last ditch attempt to find good tofu up here, I finally went where I should have gone first.  I went to an asian grocer.  You see, I could find the perfect tofu at our local Bilo back in Port Stephens.  But not here.  Every big chain supermarket here seems to sell only silken or nigari tofu.  Silken is too custardy for my favourite tofu dishes (salt & pepper tofu or Rick's favourite tofu marinade) and the nigari is too hard and crumbly.  I was actually feeling a bit glum about this, perhaps deflecting my unemployment-blues elsewhere!  But, at the local asian grocer, I found some firm tofu and all is well again.  Phew. 

It's a small thing but it makes a difference!  I think moving to a new place is most difficult in the little things . . .  you know, leaving behind that great hairdresser, dentist, playgroup etc that you took forever to find, just to have to find it all again.  Tofu was my stumbling block up here but I have found it.  It almost makes me feel like if I can find good tofu I can find a good job. 

My other concern with moving north, closer to the equator and into the tropics, was whether I would have to give up my new found love of patchwork and knitting.  You see, I thought it would be so hot up here that no one would be interested in quilting or knitting.  Boy was I wrong!  There is a community of quilters up here and I needn't worry about fabric supplies.  Dewdrop Inn claims to be the biggest patchwork shop in Queensland.  I don't know about that but it is in Hervey Bay where there isn't a Spotlight and the closest Lincraft is 30km away in Maryborough.  Yes, I know I could order super fabrics online for a good price, it is good to also go and visit and where possible support your local business.  They also have some yarns so I needn't worry about supply and the winter here was actually cold so there is a season for it, albeit short.

When the big things get me down, it is in the little things that a blessing can be found.

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  1. I know so well what you are saying was these little incidental things that I first noticed and missed when we moved to Brisbane and then to Perth...and they really do make a world of difference.
    Phew for having access to a fabric/yarn shop :)


  2. Finding your feet in a new place can be hard. Love that mentality though, yes perhaps tofu is the sign you are waiting for. Crossing my fingers, x ashley


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