Sunday, August 14, 2011

Unemployed and Knitting

After a day of business door-knocking and presenting my most positive and professional self, in the hope of making the sale - yes, buy ME businesses of Hervey Bay! - I knit.  My knitting mojo has returned but not without a false start.

You see, this has been a trying time and my stress levels are doing odd things to my mental wiring. . . I am getting people confused, forgetting what day of the week it is and in this case, skipping 40 rows of pattern.  At no point in the decreasing and weaving in of ends did I realise that this beanie was more like a fancy skull cap!

When I cast it on, my intention was to knit up a butterfly beret like I did for my stepdaughter - oops, I never showed you the finished product!  This picture is not how it finally looked as I blocked it into a loose beret shape, and not so much like a fancy old ladies' swimming cap you see here below!

This fairy-floss pink yarn is not wool but a nylon acrylic mix and therefore can't be blocked into a beret shape.  The original recipient will have to wait . . . I'm guessing it may not be for this winter. 

So this little pixie beanie is perfect for a doll.

Annoyed at my stress-related error, I decided to do what all stressed out knitters do and start another project slightly more challenging! 

My four year old neice said "I like pink and red" when asked what colour beanie she would like me to knit for her.

So pink and red it is.


  1. I didn't realise you had a blog!! i will be stalking you now, just so you're aware! xx

  2. Fiona, I cannot tell you how many projects I have started only to have to unravel it from the amount of mistakes I have's a great distractor though :)
    Very cute pattern.
    Hope things improve for you on the job front real soon.



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