Thursday, August 4, 2011

A cloudy morning by the pier

I went out this morning with Rick, my lovely sisters in laws and of course, my two little shadows.  We went to a little shack of a burger place on The Esplanade to get hot chocolates which were surprisingly delicious and cheap!

Across the road was this view

On a sunny day this pier stands out glaringly white and the water a classic crystal blue. The pier seems to go on and on.  The 868 m pier has a little history that you can read about here.  But that doesn't include the 100's if not 1000's of romantic moments captured in the love story of many lovers.  And my little family and I hope to make our own memories with this beautiful land mark.  Fishing, walking, running, smiling, licking icecream, sunset gazing and just sitting on the bench and gazing at locals and tourists enjoying their walk out on the ocean.

Do you have a little piece of happiness near your house that you like to visit and create memories with?

Here are my little shadows, growing up so beautifully.



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  1. They are both super handsome Fi and those curls!!
    Our favourite family spot is at the local is so well equipped for families with parks, jetty, it :)


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