Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Lego Birthday Cake

When you have boys especially, you need to love Lego.  I have Lego everywhere in this house it seems and my eldest is only 3.5!

On the eve of my hubby's birthday, I thought I would show you what he did for Dean, our 2 year old for his birthday a couple of months back.

I am sure you have seen this cake before.  It is from Donna Hay's Kids Special.  It looked easy.  I baked the cake and Rick, after wincing at my pallet knife skills took over putting his many years of roof pointing and rendering to good gastronomic use.  I complained at his taking over but was actually quite relieved because I really do suck at that kinda thing. I do.

I really have a great man.

While he was slaving away, I mucked about with frosting and cupcakes that needed less precision!

Dean did such a good job of blowing out his candles.  Probably was a bit agro from having is hands held back from the flames.

And then Rick could relax.

So it is Rick's birthday tomorrow.  He'll get what I promise him every year and almost always deliver . . . roast beef and yorkshire pudding.  And dessert?  Not sure, but I will think of something.

Do you have a birthday ritual in your home?


  1. That cake is the coolest!! I think I have found Harry's cake for his birthday. I am coming to you for your help!

    If you hand with the birthday dinner for Rick - I am happy to help with the roast beef, potatoes and yorkies - it is my specialty.

    1. Jen, that cake is soooo easy and will be a walk in the park for you! I will dig out the instructions but it is quite obvious. Yeah, after our convo re roast beef I went and borrowed 30 min meals and copied out the recipe! I will check in with you re where to buy meat as I am still more vegetarian than carnivore and have no idea on cuts. We've had your roast dinner so I am a little nervous knowing Rick's eaten top quality!!

  2. Oh so cool....will be remembering that one for next year. xx

  3. Do you know we have 4 boys and so far only our 3 has shown a slight interest in lego, though I have noticed that Kaizer is drawn to it at friends houses so there may be hope that one day I too will get to do a lego cake..it's very impressive and I love your cupcakes too.
    Happy birthday to you hubby, I hope you guys have a wonderful day.


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