Thursday, April 12, 2012

Fun Times

I love entertaining.  I have lost the art of entertaining a little since having the bubs. 

Now my fellas are 2+ it is getting heaps easier.  After so many months of gloom in our family, most of which commenced this time last year, I figured it was high time to have some friends over!  This is also something we love to do after church on a sabbath and as we now live about an hour's drive from church, we were very touched when our church friends trekked it up to our joint.  We live where most Sydney siders visit during holiday season or perhaps en route to Brisbane.  It feels like a hike and strange for a day trip.

I was busy buzzing around as a good hostess does, and I totally forgot to take photos.  Bummer.  We had yummy salads, patties and vegetarian sausage rolls, all made from scratch.  Cheese and fruit with crackers.  Yum.  And Julie brought gorgeous homemade profiteroles, piled high on a white cake platter and dotted with strawberries.  Alongside, she provided caramel tarts dolloped with double cream and impaled with chocolate lattices.  My descriptions do not match what a sight it was.  Nor can it match the out of this world yumminess. 

And as it was Rick's birthday week, I chucked in a cake, a Nutella cake no less made from Nigella's Domestic Goddess bible.  So so decadent, with 6 eggs, half a packet of butter, plus chocolate and lets not forget the 400g Nutella!! But no added sugar, well, no sugar added by me, but it was present in the other ingredients.  And it looked exactly like the book's picture because Rick spread the ganache and tiled the top with roasted hazelnuts.

But once all the food was eaten and we migrated to the cool breeze outside, (boy what a weekend of good weather!), it was time for the Easter egg hunt.

I gave each child a bag that I had whipped up in a sewing frenzy that took me like a person possessed, and off they trotted. 

I love my friends. I love good times.  More good times for this year as surely last year took this decade's quota of bad times.


  1. looks like fun times for everybody!! friends faith and family... the best combination!!
    I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.

  2. Entertaining is a great way to lift the spirits ...specially when food and chocolate is involved. xx

  3. I too love opening our home to friends, though we don't do it nearly enough.
    Glad to hear you are getting back into the spirit of hosting Fi, especially given how much you enjoy it :)


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