Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I pinned it! He made it!

I have been hinting for a cabinet for ages.  Rick has been hinting that he would make one for ages.  And after the cabinet makeover, he was more determined than ever to build a cabinet, perfect for our needs.

I created a board on Pinterest called 'Things my Hubby to make me!'.  And I would show him this and that in catalogues of styles that I like.  The great part is, he wanted to make it just as much as I wanted it.  I'm blessed to have a creative man in my life.

grey cabinet
1. Love the grey cabinet as pinned from here

From another angle
2. I'm not a fan of two-toned furniture, but this is an exception pinned from here

3. And yet, it is this colouring that I like the best for our decor which is what Rick selected himself!  As pinned from here

So this is what happened:

Rick went into the 'Man Cave' aka the garage, and tinkled with these tools and did this:

And when trims and a few licks of paint were added I got my cabinet!

Rick enjoyed making this so much that he wants to make an entertainment unit.  He is even toying with the idea of selling them.  Whatever he decides I am cool with, as long as I get to keep this one!

We designed the profile of the top trim together

The knob supplier couldn't provide matching knobs !!  But you can't tell unless it is pointed out to you.

Finally, a place to house my Great Grandmother's bowl, gifted to me by my Granny years ago


  1. Wow, wow, wow!! What a stunning piece that is. Rick should definitely think about making these to sell Fi :)
    Your quilts are too pretty to be hidden behind doors, bring them out to be seen.
    Hmm, my hubby has wanted to make a few pieces for years now, I'm going to show him this to get him inspired.

  2. Oh my goodness, what a clever hubby you have! Love the cabinet. I'm just visiting from over at the lovely little poppas and thought I'd stop by. I like it here, a lot:)

  3. You sure do have one clever hubby there:) Wow that cabinet is just fantastic he should definitely sell them Fiona. I have a hubby that loves being in his man cave too but unfortunately it's under the house we only have a carport, one day....xx

  4. What a clever guy you have there....I bet you have loads of treasures to display in there. Yes definitely get him out there sharing his talent. x

  5. This is fantastic Rick! You and Fiona are a good team (with little Liam in there too!) Love it!x


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