Monday, April 2, 2012

Made It Monday :: Meet Pedro

Wonky is what I do best.  And apparently slightly freaky.  Would you give this to a 2 year old?  Well, I did.  He has a love hate relationship with it already.  In fact, Dean seemed to like it better without its head.

Liam named him Pedro and Dean agreed.

He even has a tail.  I made him entirely from old shirts and he is sporting a pink bow to hide my dodgy ladder stitching (looks a little like a decapitated-reattached-corpse).  Here's his little journey into being.

A bunny, right in time for Easter.


  1. stunning!
    clever you :)


  2. Wonky is charming Fi and Pedro is the perfect gift!

    Nice to see you back in this space, I would have visited much sooner had I know. Well I'm off to do a bit of stalking, you don't mind do you? :)



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