Monday, April 16, 2012

Made It Monday :: Granny Rug for Mother's Day

I got Mother's Day sorted early this year!  With all the kafuffle of last year, I sadly felt that I neglected my Mum.  So I decided to crochet her and her friend lap blankies.  In fact, these are the only crocheted blankets I have ever made to date! 

Because I still don't value my own crafting skills, I had to throw in something bought.  So I topped up the gift value with their favourite teas.

Now that I have two crocheted projects complete, there are heaps of things I've identified that I would do differently.  I struggle to keep the tension consistent and should perhaps use a larger hook than recommended for the yarn.  And I am dying to try out this joining technique too.

What are you making for your Mummy?


  1. Your granny's are lovely Fi and perfect gifts with winter just being around the corner.
    I made a granny square blanket last year but did such a bad job of piecing it together that I ended up tossing it out. I think I will try the method in that link next time :)

  2. They're fabulous! And I love the idea of a bit of tea too - all they need is a book and they're set.

    Did you ever get the patterns I sent you? x


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