Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Kids' table makeover

Back in January last year, what seems like another lifetime away (believe me, I have lived another life since then!!), Rick and I were 'doing-up' some furniture

Sadly, when we were moving last July, because we gave away many items of furniture, the coffee table had to go too. It never got its makeover from us.  Perhaps its new owners have picked up where we left off- I don't know I haven't thought to ask!

We also had plans for this little set

So in keeping with my colour inspiration:

And using this gorgeous chalkboard paint

And Rick doing most of the work (99.9%)

 Our boys now have this activity table to destroy create on!

There is no left or right-handedness when there is chalk around.  One for each hand of course.

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  1. That is one fab table makeover! I have been keeping an eye out for a coffee table for Kaizer, I was planning on chalkboarding the top too and didn't realise you could get it in colour :)
    Nice job.


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