Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Wednesday WIP Out :: An angel with tension issues

I've seen this lovely Angel Scarf crocheted by many a talented lady.  The pattern looked easy so I thought I'd give it a go.  I have my MIL in mind for this one.  But now I am wondering if I should give it to her as my crocheting tension is shocking.

I started out nice and loose and relaxed.  And now my crocheting is firmer and neater but not nice and loose as before.  I know blocking can cure some tension issues, but will it fix this one?  Should I unravel and start again?  I need to complete it by mid June. 

I am seeking advice so please comment, add a link or commiserate!


  1. Fiona, I would unravel it to where your tension starting getting tighter and work from there. It's much easier to unravel crochet than knitting. Just keep reminding yourself to keep your tension loose.
    I am a notoriously tight knitter and crocheter and am always having to correct myself.

    1. Thanks Tammi! I was hoping that would not be the advice, but I can see that you are right. xxx


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