Monday, August 15, 2011

"Never washing my hands again"

We took the boys on a train ride through Queens Park in Maryborough last week.  Liam got a stamp on his hand that he couldn't stop staring at.  He wouldn't let me wash his hands because he didn't want it to wash off.

I have since penned on another one which he has named "Thomas" (yeah, original I know!) and that one is fading too.  So he has asked for another, but this time in red pen.  I love that he is easily pleased.

And while I am talking about my #1 Son, he has accomplished the toilet.  Yay, finally.  Actually, it only took 2 days with only 3 accidents all up (including a poo-filled pair of undies . . . g.r.o.s.s.).  He doesn't even wet his nappy at night.  So we can now save some serious dollars and decrease our carbon footprint a tad . . . yippeee.


  1. Well done Liam. Once they are ready for toilet training it actually only takes a few days. Not having to change big pooey nappies is a huge bonus.

  2. That is too cute...oh for the simple things we once longed for ...stamps on hands and all was good!

  3. Little ones are sooo cute how it's the simple things that make them the most happy, something to live by I think. Yeah for the quick toilet training that's great news, no more nappies makes life so much easier. Have agreat week Fiona. x


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