Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Simple Life Challenge :: Sprouting

Inspired by this post at Slow Living Essentials, I thought I'd give sprouting a go.  Have you sprouted seeds?

I have just started with mung beans but I hope to move onto other legumes and seeds.

I was really put-off starting when I did my little internet search and saw these little gadgets and blog posts/comments with complicated methods. 

But I think I worked out an easy option- well it works at least. I've used one of those glass jars that have the lid attached on a metal hinge, and used the lid to rest the jar on so that it sits at a nice 45 degree angle.  I have then closed the opening with a piece of lace fixed in place with a trusty rubber band.

All I did was soak the beans overnight in water, strain and rinse.  I don't even remove the lace, I just run the water through the top and up turn to drain.  I do it twice a day and they sprout within 2 days usually.  Once sprouted it is best to keep in fridge.  Some people continue to rinse and strain and keep in the fridge, but I find we eat them too quickly!

Yum on salads, soups and stirfries (even sambos!!)

What do you like to sprout and how do you like to eat them?



  1. Cool, didn't even know you could do that!

  2. I eat sprouts like there is no tomorrow and was thinking just recently that there must be an easy way to do them yourself...thanks for this Fi, will be hunting some sprouts out this weekend :)

  3. Clever idea...thanks for sharing.

  4. Looking good, Fi. Sprouting seeds at home is so satisfying! Plus, they are just so good for you, too. Enjoy. :)


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