Sunday, October 9, 2011

End of the week special :: Vegie Surprise Soup

As part of my new concerted effort to be a better steward of our income and to just love the planet more, I am not throwing out food anymore. 

I don't know about you, but my 'crisper bin' in the fridge could be more of a 'compost bin' at times.  I would be suckered into whatever the special was at the supermarket or I'd think, yeah, I'll make something with that eggplant and then never actually do anything with it.  Not anymore. 

I have always made shopping lists and weekly menu lists, but I can be weak and deviate off the plan.  Now, my menu plan is more concise including a list of pantry items.  Deviation is rare!

But, yes, sometimes there are vegies that need to be used up so on my weekly menu is the end of the week soup special- An Ode to the Fridge Remnants (if you will).

So, this past week's comprised of cauliflower, potato, corn, zucchini and carrot.  I found an odd tin of vegetarian abalone, some soup mix (yellow split peas, barley etc) and flavoured it up with onion, garlic and vege stock.  It was yum yum yum (even if I say so myself).  And the mung beans?  Yes, sprouted by me ...

and were even eaten by my other sprouts aka da boyz.

Do you have a yummy way of cleaning out the fridge too?



  1. No I don't! But I'm thinking I should now! You are super mumma!!

  2. Oh yum! Your little guy is so cute :) I am too often guilty of throwing away a slimy zucchini or a piece of broccoli that looks like it is growing cotton wool. I need to take a leaf out of your book!
    Ps thanks for all the comments on my posts :) x

  3. That is mighty impressive, Fiona. Well done, you! J x

  4. Yes I am guilty of having the odd science experiment taking place in my fridge...just like my mum :)
    Love the idea of using vegies in this way, will definitely be trying a soup like this.


  5. With vegetables I do soups, as you do. When I have cooked leftovers I cut them in tiny bits, throw them in a dense curried sauce bechamel and finally put everything in a puff pastry shell. Usually the pie is delicious and the 'recycling' is not noticeable.


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