Sunday, October 23, 2011

My Brave New Quilt

It's only taken three quarters of a year to complete this, my first ever quilt. (You can see the progress here, here an here).

You must be thinking 'Almost a year?! Why? Was it really big and complicated?'- No. 

It is infact only 42x42", in the very simple disappearing 9 patch style and the quilting was done by my friend Sal (thanks clever chickie)

It has taken this long because I have never really sewn before.  Because I tremble at challenges.  Because this has been by far and away the worst year of my life.  Just because.

But it is finished now.  *sigh*

And I am so very happy.

As a stay-at-home-mum, my day is full of incompletes and undoings  You know, the housework is undone by toddlers constantly.  Tasks have to be performed day after day.  Does the term chasing your tail resonate ladies?  I don't know how or why you have come to appreciate and participate in crafts but for me it's just that.  To perform a task of my own, that can be completed within a timeframe and stay completed.  To stimulate a part of my brain that until a year ago I thought had all but died.  It is natural for humans to create things.

I have said before that I am not creative.  I take that back.  I am not an originator of ideas, but I can create with my hands.  It is satisfying.  It is relieving.  It is a legacy for my children.  It is fun.  It builds communities such as in my part of the blogosphere.  It is a gift from above.

So, for the inquisitive souls, here are the deets:

fabric: Bliss by Bonnie and Camille for Moda in two charm square packs.
back fabric: Medallion in scarlet and Marmalade in aqua from the same collection
binding: Marmalade in aqua as above

I particularly like the the quilting pattern that Sal suggested.  In some parts it looks like swirls and others like hearts. 

I will make another quilt, I will.  In fact, Jen and I are starting new quilts this week.  She is going to teach me circles.  I hope this one gets finished before the year is out, that way I can at least boast two quilts for 2011.

Ok, so I am off now to finish the last two modules from my financial services course.  That too should produce some satisfaction buzz.



  1. It was worth waiting, the quilt is so beautiful and the colours are outstanding.
    I also thought that I wasn't creative till the day that a close friend told me: 'how creative you are'. I marveled at first, and then took courage...

  2. It's gorgeous! I'm with you on the not originating ideas thing. I'm good at running with other people's ideas and you clearly are too.
    Must get a sewing machine...
    Sandra x

  3. If this is what you can achieve when being challenged you so need to challenge yourself more often Fi...this is absolutely gorgeous and so wortht the time and effort invested in it.
    My first quilt...started in Feb/Mar is still incomplete so hooray to you! :)


  4. I love the choice of colours and fabrics and your friend did a great job of the quilting. The swirls and curves are so nice against the lines of the sewing. Can't wait to see a circle version!

  5. its beautiful!!
    I've started my first quilt this year - hoping it gets finished one day!

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