Monday, February 7, 2011

Sew Excited! - Part 2

If you know me well, you would probably have thought that I have 'shelved' the debut into sewing

Well I haven't!  I did put it off for a little bit as I was not confident in using the rotary cutter and cutting up my patches when I have absolutely no fabric left in case of mistakes.  So, in comes Jen to the rescue!  She showed me, the other day, her cutting technique and I was off and running or cutting in this case!

1. Cut 9 patch
2. Flip diagonal squares
3. Sew back together
My centre seamed took only 2 unpickings to get right!

After I square up the patches the next step is deciding on the fabric for the back and the binding - for the sashing I have decided on white.  Everytime I think I know what I want, I err.  Is it like that for you?  Which colours/fabrics do you think I should use for the back and binding? 


  1. Fi this is looking amazing, I love your choice of fabric.
    I stood in Spotlight on Saturday for an hour deciding on fabric to buy...I am attempting my first go at quilting on Friday. I played it safe and got very matchy matchy fabric, wish I was brave enough to go all out.
    What about using one of the bright block colours for your binding and one of the lighter colours in your blocks for the back?

  2. My first thought was to do the red fabric (with the large circle designs) on the back and one of the small aqua prints for the binding. Hubby likes cream for binding. I like your idea for a bright block for binding and a light colour on back ... so many choices. I guess I can always make another quilt! Look forward to seeing your quilt Tammi. xx

  3. That is my favourite "quilty" pattern...I wouldn't call myself a quilter but I love to play have done a great job and it's good to call on friends to help along the way.

  4. I LOVE this!!
    I have fabric sitting there but am too scared to cut! Once I start I'm off, but it's taking those initial steps!
    I love this pattern though, and it doesn't look too hard

  5. I just love this so much!
    Be inspired, finish it off, will be absolutely amazing!!!


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