Sunday, February 13, 2011

Quirky & Boring? Can the two exist?

As some of you know, I am totally new to this blogging thang.  So, when the opportunity arises, I go for a jaunt in blogland and soak up all the creativity and inspiration out there.  It's like stepping through the wardrobe! 

Last week or so, Pip at Meet Me At Mikes introduced Michelle from Hugo & Elsa on her blog and I was whisked away to a little country paradise in Tasmania.  When I find a new blog that tickles my fancy, I do a random flick through their history.  And it was at Hugo & Elsa that I found this little game.  Now, this is from a post from 2 years ago and perhaps this game has run its course (or is still running).  But it sounds fun, so here I go:

Here's how to play:

1) Link to the person who tagged you
2) Mention the rules
3) Tell six quirky yet boring, unspectacular details about yourself
4) Tag six other bloggers by linking to them
5) Go to each person’s blog and leave a comment that lets them know they’ve been tagged

1. I love love love promite on raison toast.  I have introduced this delicacy to my husband who after saying that he was never going to try it was sprung in the kitchen one morning munching on it.  He loves it too and has tried to convince his eldest son to put it on his cafe's menu!  I suspect my husband had been consuming it for a while before I discovered his little secret.

L- top drawer                                                                                        R- 2nd drawer
2.  The cutlery tray in the top drawer must have all the spoons spooning and the forks hugging and the knives . . . well, they just lie there as they can be rather unruley.  But surrounding the tray is a free-for-all and lets not talk about the second drawer!  The mess polarizes the order in the tray and that strangely makes me happy.

3.  When I was little, I jumped out of my car seat and put my hands over my mother's eyes while she was driving and squeeled "guess who?!" . . .  no one knows what I was thinking.

image source

4.  High on my list of blessings-in-the-little-things are sundried sheets. . . going to bed on a cool evening and slipping between sheets that were earlier soaking up the rays is what good dreams are made of.  I would do this every evening if I didn't have to make the bed up by myself!

5. I recently discovered that if I wear my black maxi dress that doesn't have straps (boob tube style) when I haven't shaved my legs for 2 days, the little spikes actually start pulling the dress down as I walk!  It made for an awkward grocery shopping experience last week.

image source
6.  I have never been to the snow - been as close as compacted shaved ice but not snow.

Okey dokey - here are six lovely bloggers that I think you would enjoy a frolick through their corner of the blogoverse and I am inviting them to play along:

I was told to get a hobby - Jen has an awesome blog about her crafty hobbies and her babies.
Country 2 the City - Ms Rita is a talented design student who has recently cruised into the Blogoverse.
Life on Planet Baby - Jane's blog is sublime!  Very honest and funny and full of useful tips especially for bloggers!
Little Poppa & Me - Tammi's blog is inspirational, relaxing and full of homemade eye candy.  A very talented kiwi living in WA
Meet Me at Mikes - I'd be very surprised if you haven't met the talented and published Pip.  She's very inspiring and happy!  Pip's blog is a safe haven when feeling low and uninspired.
Hugo & Elsa - Michelle's photography will have you booking your next holiday in Tasmania.  Beware, you may find yourself licking your computer screen as she showcases her perfect cupcakes.  A little piece of escapism.

Boring and Quirky - Can you meld the two?


  1. Oh I LOVE this!! I haven't laughed out loud at a blog post for an age! I especially love the black dress hairy leg quirky fact!!
    Beautiful post xxx

  2. This is an ace post! Promite and raisin toast? It definitely sounds like something you just have to try when someone mentions it. Like honey and cheese? Who knew they were couple bunnies? And yes, I totes reckon quirky and boring go hand in hand.

  3. Thanks so much for tagging me, Fiona. You're a darling. As you know, I've been tagged a bit lately so will sit this one out.

    But I *loved* reading more about you! As for #1, all I can say is I'm a Vegemite kid. For #2, the nesting is amusing. As for sorting out that other drawer, do what I did. Take everything out of the drawer. Only put back in things as you need to use them. After a fortnight, whatever's left can be thrown out. It really works! And I hope you get to try #6 - skiing on powder snow is heavenly. J x


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