Monday, October 3, 2011

Shell designs ...

Do you find after reading Dr Seuss your brain tries to make you rhyme?  My brain tries, but doesn't succeed.  I have hardly any original creativity in my body so as much as I can hear the brain crunching gears in my head, there is no rhyming gear!

Perhaps due to lacking talent of my own, I totally gravitate to creative people, which explains why I love reading your blogs.  I feel so ashamed sometimes of my lack of anything interesting to add to the creative pool in the blogosphere but I do enjoy what you have to offer.  So I don't participate in sew-alongs or sending creative gifts around but I do so enjoy seeing what you are all up to.

Therefore, it is no surprise that one of my closest friends is a talented artist and graphic designer.  Shell has finally stepped through into our blog realm and is showcasing her talents: Shell Designs.  Please check her out! 

Here are some examples of her talents that she's blogged:

Pop over there and perhaps you might like to 'follow' her too.  I think Shell is a chickie going places.

Hanging out with creative people is so much fun and I am blessed to have clever friends!



  1. I beg to differ! Your knitting is amazing and you are talented! Heading over to check out your friends page now.


Hey thanks for popping by! I read all your comments and really try and get to your blog too. Despite my good intentions, I don't always reply to each message but I am very grateful for the time you take in sharing your thoughts with me. Word verification is back up because I am getting spammed big time. So thanks for taking that extra step in commenting. Blessings, Fi xxxxx

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