Monday, May 23, 2011

I'm Sew Excited :: Oh yeah! Top is done!!

Sashing is complete (thanks for your help again Jen).  I'm not showing you more than this snippet as I think a grand unveiling is in order, don't you think?  Only has taken me months and months.  But I am very proud of myself because before this project I had only clocked up a few minutes behind a machine, not hours.

I've selected the fabric for the back and for the binding.  And after much thought, I have decided to get it professionally quilted as I am not prepared to learn quilting on this little baby.

I am truly sew excited, even my heart rate has increased during the writing of this post!  Yay!!



  1. Oh you tease :) I can't wait for the big reveal, there are some gorgeous fabrics there and I am sure the finished product will be truely stunning.

    I don't feel so bad now that my work in progress still needs piecing together.

    Happy Monday Fi.

  2. What great fabric coordinating! You really have an eye for matching colours together.

    I stopped scrap booking for the exact opposite reason. I need some of your skills!

    Can't wait to see the finished product now.

  3. Ooohhhh I love the photo sneak peak. Fab fab fab. Can't wait to see it once it has been quilted - I guess our next sewing date is a binding lesson.

  4. Lucky choice of fabrics and colours,this quilt looks amazing. I am curious now about the binding and the back. Bravissima!


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