Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Simple Life Challenge :: Homemade Laundry Detergent

Dirt Girl says it's the little things- change starts in the little things we can do everyday.  As I have said here before, I would like to find ways of doing the everyday things a little cheaper, kinder to self and environment and educational for my boys.  The other day I found this awesome post that totally sums up how I feel on the matter (thanks Rhonda Jean). I share all these same views and I am endeavouring, at a pace that won't kill me, to roll out some changes for good.

So, I have started with learning to knit, crochet and sew.  I cook most of my meals from scratch and buy in bulk where possible.  I have only a small herb garden but in time I hope to expand it to vegies and fruit.  I have stopped using shampoo

Now, what can I do about cleaning?  A few years back I purchased Spotless by Shannon Lush.  It is an excellent resource book but seeing as I have lent it out, I am now turning to the internet for advice.  I also went to Aldi yesterday and purchased some microfibre cleaning cloths.  Look, I have no idea if this means the end of cleaning chemicals or not; I have no idea if these cloths were manufactured in a enviro friendly, person friendly way- but it is a start!

I asked Tammi what she does for her laundry needs and she posted this excellent dry powder recipe.  And then I popped over to Down To Earth and found this lovely liquid recipe.  The powder recipe seemed a little less fussy to produce so that is the one I have tried first.

Totally happy with the results.  I add a capful of Napisan to whites and Rick's work clothes and also add vinegar to the fabric softener dispenser to prevent soap build up.  Even with these additives it is working out to be heaps cheaper.  I have done this now for only a month and so far so good.  I will let you know if anything changes.

Anyone else using homemade laundry powder?  What's your recipe?



  1. Oh good for you Fi!! I love Rhonda's blog too, it's so rich with information and tips and the kids and I hope to start making our own soap soon.

    I must admit I gave up on the no 'poo' as my hair became really matted and lank...the first few weeks were okay so I'm not too sure what happened. Maybe I just needed to ride through it. Am currently looking for an alternative to commercial shampoos.


  2. I haven't been brave enough to try a home made laundry detergent yet but I do use a lot less chemicals to clean my house. I have a stack of micro-fibre cloths but I find that the washbasins in the bathrooms need more than just elbow grease to shine up. I use vinegar and water and sometimes mix a few drop of lavender oil in too to help the room to smell good. Works well on all glass and mirrors too. I just keep making up more to go in my refillable spray bottle I got for $1 in Go-Lo!
    I served a freezer dinner to my family on a busy night this week. Frozen battered fish, frozen wedges and a tin of beans. It got us talking about how rare that is nowadays. I have got so used to chopping and mixing and making food from the basics that it felt odd to eat a pre-prepared meal. I went a bit mad after tea making an apple crumble from scratch and the kids all laughed and said it was because I felt guilty!

  3. I tried baking soda on my head but gave up too because my hair looked heavy and dirty.
    I also gave up my home made laundry detergent, but only because I moved twice in 15 months and probably the good intentions were lost in one of the boxes...I will have to try again, soon.
    Vinegar is a great helper in this house, not only for rinsing hair or as a fabric softener: I use it in the dishwasher to soften the rinsing water, or mixed with alcohol to clean surfaces like the kitchen counter.
    My little contribution to the Earth!


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