Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Baking Therapy :: Apple Muffins

I am so into diversional therapy right now! 

I like to report in to God's office every morning with reading the bible and prayer- to seek comfort and motivation.  That is great to feed the inner Mary but she doesn't get the housework done.  So to feed the inner Martha, who better to turn to than our modern-day Martha, Martha Stewart.  I catch her shows some mornings and find myself doing the housey chores during and for a few hours after.  As long as I stay focused, I can get almost everything done before lunch time, even cooking the dinner!!

This morning, my inner-Martha energy produced these sweet muffins.

Keeping it real with this shot!

This delightful recipe came via Catherine who found it in a Donna Hay Magazine.

Mine did not turn out as aesthetically beautiful due to the pan and patty case combo I used.  It was a cupcake pan and the cases are for a muffin pan as their bases are bigger.  The result was tipping cases and the muffin mix spilling out over one side.  Still tastes jolly good!

My only change to the recipe was that I cut the sugar down by a third and I used demerera sugar instead of raw as the sprinkle on the top.  I didn't have any raw sugar left and the demerera had a promise of toffee sweetness (according the to pack!).  The muffins were still very sweet. Oh, and I used a pink lady apple instead of a green one.

And I couldn't blog a baked goodie that wasn't in a fancy patty case or show a glass of milk without the quintessential stripy paper straw.  I'm pretty sure I bought these both from here

What is your favourite diversional therapy technique?  Do you have a combo like me?


  1. I made a batch of Catharines muffins last night! It was our second batch and they are almost gone! I love that they are nut free and the kids can put them in their lunch boxes. I'm not sure if ours will last long enough to make it into tomorrows lunches! I love your red and white cases. I used our silicone ones. Bright colours and only $2 in Go-Lo for 12. I didn't actually manage to get photos of mine. Might need to make another batch just for the sake of the blog!

  2. Yep baking does it for me everytime too :)
    I think these are in order for morning tea with a mug of hot cocoa seeing that the rain has blessed us today and the temps are alot cooler.

    I have those same straws left over from our little ones birthday, need some cupcake wrappers to go with them.

    Enjoy your yummy looking muffins Fi.

  3. These muffins look delicious, but I will have to pass: I am gluten intollerant so they are a no-no for me.
    But your Raspberry and Coconut cupcakes were easy to modify since there is so little flour (I used rice flour)and they were an absolute delight. I wrote the recipe in my special gluten-free recipe book, thank you so much for posting the recipe!

  4. Those do look really good!



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