Friday, December 7, 2012

Six years

We got married 6 years ago in November.

And we are still crazy about eachother, emphasis on crazy.

And he bought me yellow roses as they are my favourite, even though traditionally yellow roses symbolise friendship!  But that's ok.  We are friends too.  I love him, nuff said.



  1. Happy Anniversary! And gorgeous photos of you and hubby, not to mention the amazing veil/flower that you wore - stunning! Hope you have a wonderful 6th today.

  2. Cute! Yellow roses are my favourite too-I had them for my wedding bouquet. They are so pretty and I think friendship is a huge part of marriage too.

    PS love you star garland below. Gorgeous!

  3. Happy lovely to have a peek at your wedding photos. xx

  4. Happy Anniversary lovely. Here's to many more wonderful years together making memories.

  5. Happy belated anniversary - gorgeous pics xx

  6. Congratulations! Friendship + love = perfect!


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