Friday, December 21, 2012

The Evolution of Our Green Smoothie

My boys loved this smoothie so much that I had to scrap out every last bit from the Vitamix jug and Liam upon seeing the spatula squealed "I lick it please Mumma!"

I have learnt a lot since I introduced smoothies into our diet.

I have learnt that ::

  • it is important to consider the acid-alkaline balance of our diet.  That means, some foods such as meat and cheeses can be highly acidic for the body once digested, leading to such problems as weaker bones (yes, cheese can weaken your bones!) and that alkaline foods, such as most vegetables and some fruits and nuts can improve bone health and general well-being and longevity.  You might find this table helpful in discerning acid and alkaline foods.  Basically, eat more fruit and vegetables and less meat and dairy.
  • combining fruits and vegetables in the one juice, or meal, can lead to bad digestion.  It takes different enzymes to break down fruits than it does with vegetables.  You can listen to your body on this one too.  Even though it isn't bad to let one go (flatulence, fluff or fart - I can barely write that word as it is a rude word in our house, boys!), it isn't good if they are quite stinky.  That means that your digestion isn't great and possibly caused by a wrong combination of foods last eaten.  But if you are like me and struggle to listen to your body (in my case, I think I am that toxic that it's hard to tell), it is good to do some research.  I did, and it was a little conflicting.
  • after some internet searching, there is a general consensus that mixing fruits and vegetables together isn't that great for your health.  And even though many manufacturers of juicers promote combining fruits and vegetables in their recipes, this may be to make the juicer more appealing for sale rather than what is good for you.  I liked this woman's view on the topic because it sat well with me.  Doesn't mean it is conclusively correct though.  And I would like to believe this guy as it is convenient.  So it brings me back to listening to my body.
  • the Eight Laws of Health make sense and I should consider abiding by them.  Not only will it benefit my health but also the example set before my sons will help them to make healthy nutritional choices.  And right now, I just want them to eat the healthy food I set before them and not pester for pizza-from-a-shop, chippies and ice-cream!  In a nutshell they are, Nutrition, Exercise, Water, Sunlight, Temperance, Air, Rest and Trust.
  • variety and making it fun is essential to keeping my little boys interested.  We make up names for our dishes, like Pirate-Treasure-Porridge, Snakes In Red Sauce and Monster Green Smoothies (well we didn't make that one up of course!).  And this morning we discovered Banana Green Smoothie (highly imaginative we are in this house!).  I have found that my boys like a smoothie combination for a couple of weeks before we have to reinvent it.  And new ways in presenting it to them.
That brings me to today's new smoothie.  

Banana Green Smoothie

5 leaves of silverbeet, stalks removed or leafy green of choice
2 bananas 
rice milk (I measure the milk using their little drinking cups x 2)
2/3 cup quick oats
1 Tbl chia seeds
2 Tbl coconut oil
pinch of celtic salt (must be celtic or himalayan pink salt otherwise omit)
tiny dribble of maple syrup, optional

Place all ingredients in given order into your blender (most blenders will blend better if spinach is in first, soft to hard rule).

To serve, we pour it into a cereal bowl and top with a small handful of cornflakes.  Cornflakes are high in salt and really are not good for you.  My boys just love the stuff but it dawned on me that if I were to make a thick smoothie and top it with only a fraction of the cornflakes they would otherwise be having I have reduced their bad salt intake and increased their good food intake.  

Do you make smoothies?  What are your favourite combos?
Can you give me tips to get my boys eating more fruit and veg in its whole form?  Chewing is always a good thing.

Four more sleeps to you-know-when, hope you are ready.  By the way, can't go without a mention to the obvious- the world has not ended today.




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  1. Wow who knew making a smoothie could be so that your kids love it even though it is very green. xxx


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