Monday, December 10, 2012


Hello lovely people.  There are 50 of you now!  Do you know that actually freaks me out?!  Welcome, I am so chuffed that you are interested in the comings and goings of a nanna-craft-loving mumma of 2 little boys.

I write this little blog for two reasons.  Firstly, as an outlet to record stuff that I am happy to share with complete strangers and friends alike.  And to have a profile beyond just a name so that you can know who it is that leaves random comments on your blog- its nice to click to a person and not just a name isn't it?

As you may know, I am quite late to this sewing caper.  I have been sewing since late 2010, actually since blogging.  And when I say sewing, its an every-so-often thing, not a daily jaunt much like my blogging!!  So it is no surprise that I have never made bunting before despite loving it to bits.  Yes, if a mag has bunting on the cover you can pretty much guarantee that I will buy it.  Sucker.

Remember the December Baby Quilt?  He came early!  And now that he is here, I thought the quilt  was not quite macho enough.  Little baby Jakob needed more diggers and less flowers!

The fabric is from Spotlight and the binding was a premade.  I bought the fabric to make some pjs for my step grandson, also named Jacob, which I am halfway through making. And bunting is the perfect solution for large scraps!

I used the same red fabric as I used on the quilt's binding for the letters.  I have to thank Rachel for this idea of personalised bunting as her's was the first time I saw this idea.  

No one warned me that bunting making is addictive!  I then whipped up a lovely girly one for my dear little friend Ella whom you may know from here.  I've known Ella's mum since I was 7.  I can hardly believe that Ella is 5 already.

 I used fat quarters from Spotlight.  A purchase I made back when I started sewing as I was determined to sew something girly.  But because I have sons, no girly excuse came until I figured out bunting that is!!

This time I backed each flag with the same fabric as its front and the letters are actually the back of a printed fabric because I didn't have a pink solid!

Now that I have these two projects done and dusted, I can concentrate on getting the rest of my christmas crafting done.  You see, our family christmas is this Sunday!!  Yikes.  Still have 4 gifts to make.  I don't want to bring it down to the wire just in case they flop and a quick run in to DJ's is required.

What are you making for christmas presents or is time running out for you too?



  1. I love it all! Beautiful bunting. Congrats on the big 50! xx

  2. Have just come across your lovely blog. I am a mum to two boys and a "tween" as she likes to remind me. I am mad on bunting and have it all over the house. You can never have to much I think ;-) Have a great week!

  3. Oh yes I can never go past bunting either, I find it delightful.
    OOh the big 50, congrats lovely.

  4. Your bunting looks fabulous - the zig zag stitching around your letters is SO neat!! What beautiful gifts. I'm about to sew some bunting for Sophie's nursery too - once I can get my Christmas stuff sorted...

  5. Yes bunting making is addictive.
    I havent added letters to mine yet, but it is such a great idea.

  6. I can't believe you haven't been sewing long, your stitching is so good. The bunting is fabulous. x

  7. Your buntings are just beautiful ! I like the professional finish of the stitches used for the letters. Well done !


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