Thursday, October 4, 2012

In the quiet . . .

. . . I took photos.
I reacquainted myself with Instagram (ahem . . joined 12 months ago, and like ravelry, it has taken me a while to actually get going with it).

I played with the different filters.  I feel like I am so 2 years ago . . .

I captured the things around me today that make me feel happy

I couldn't include my kids as they are at daycare today

I couldn't include Rick as he has hurt his back and is in quite a bit of pain- that does not make me happy

You can find me on Instagram :: BraveNewVintage

Wait a few days as I think I have put almost all my pics up here today!


  1. I'm off to look you up on instagram! I'm featherandnest if you want to folow me too;) x

  2. Lovely I haven't got into time apart from blogging. Hope your hubby is better soon. x

  3. Hooray for's one of the reasons I have become such a slack blogger.
    Lovely images Fi :)

  4. Hope your husbands back is better soon, love your pics.

  5. Beautiful pics...those things make me happy too.


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