Friday, September 28, 2012

Blocking block

No, I'm not swearing!  I really have blocking block.  I don't know how to block properly.

Look at this latest effort for example:

Doesn't look much like the pattern creator's wonderful version

Doesn't help that whilst under the pump to make a gift for my Mum I thoughtlessly did not marry the yarn weight to the appropriate needle size.  Nor did it help that I did the classic blunder of not testing my gauge (I'm too lazy . . .  I think I must rethink my ways here!!).

I soaked it in water then towel dried it before placing it over a dinner plate, leaving it to the magic of evaporation.  Definitely gives it that beret look but not what I was really looking for.

It is for my Mum.  She is a forgiving kinda lady.  I could draw her a picture in crayon and she would love it and probably put it on the fridge.

I popped it into the hexagon bag I made her and handed it over to the perils of Australia Post.

Ok, so it will arrive a week after her birthday.  I figure it will be a nice little surprise and an extension of her birthday blessings.

How do you block your hats?

Do you do a gauge test before starting a project?

Ravelled here.


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  1. I haven't even considered blocking hats! And I think your beret looks wonderful, I certainly can't see anything wrong with it. I generally only block motifs if they are a bit curly, I have a scarf that will definitely need to be blocked after I finish it, but most of what I make never requires it.
    xXx Helen


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