Thursday, September 27, 2012

Junk Knitting

While clickety-clacking big knits, I do so enjoy a dabble in a quick knit.  I call quick knits, junk knitting.  Like a snack between meals I suppose.

My junk knit of choice used to be beanies.  But now it is dishcloths!

I haven't ventured very far in my yarn purchasing journey, going mainly to Bendigo Woollen Mills or old mega store Spotlight.  But after knitting up this delightful dish, I realised that Bendigo's cotton is far too lovely for dishes, or bench wiping in my case.  And I am not chuffed at the selection at Spotlight.  That left me with an internet search and I found Yarn Over.  I still have some yarn on back order, but that's ok, these four balls have gotten me started.

The yarn is Creme de la Creme 100% cotton.  I quite like to knit with it, but not ever for a garment.  Most definitely has a nice feel for it's intended use.

These are not staying.  I am on a mission to save the world, one dishcloth at a time, so these are off to family members with my husband's endorsement "once you use these, you will never go back to supermarket sponges and wipes".


PS I have recently discovered that I had some issues with my email :: fiona{at}bravenewvintage{dot}com  but it should all be sorted now.  So if you have emailed me and I have not responded it may have been while my emails were shooting off into cyberspace.  I am still finding them (it went on for a few months!).  Please accept my apology if I have not responded and feel free to resend.  xxx

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  1. I'm having a bit of a catch up of your posts, I haven't delved into the dishcloth world yet. I buy the Moda Vera Beetle Cotton Acrylic Blend and I love it, but I'm not sure what it would be like in the sink. However I did just make my first potholder, for me that is, I have made plenty for everyone else! I made it with 100% pure wool 8 ply from Spotlight and it is the best potholder I have ever used. I could not feel any heat at all taking dishes out of the oven. Yay me!
    xXx Helen


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