Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Look what I've finally bought!

Yes a Vitamix.  I tossed with the idea of forking out a couple of grand for a Thermomix, but what I really wanted was all met with a Vitamix at less than half the price.

The maiden voyage to healthy eating in our new whiz-bang blender was done by one carrot, one blood orange, one kiwi and one little old apple.  I took the skin off the apple because of wax but left the core in tact for the goodness of the seeds.

The Vitamix manual says :: When you juice, a process unique to the Vitamix machine is initiated and the cell walls of whole fruits and vegetables are pulverized - thereby releasing the juice, yet retaining all of the nutritious whole food fibre. . . .by smashing the whole food fibre and breaking it into microscopic pieces that are easy to digest.  You get a creamy, smooth juice that's full of valuable fibre.

It was yum.

The boys call their juice Smoomee

I will be doing it again tomorrow with parsley and other fine ingredients.

Now I am pouring over recipes and not just juicy ones, this thing even kneads dough!

Are you gearing up for spring with some healthy choice eating?
Do you use a Vitamix?  Do have a favourite recipe?


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  1. It sounds like a great machine Fiona especially keeping all of the fibre intact which is left behind with a normal juicer. I don't have a Vitamix, just a Breville juicer which sadly doesn't get enough use. I've been trying to keep up the fruit and garlic to us this winter which has kept us going well so far. There are a lot of greens still in the garden so I think we'll still be getting through those during spring too which should keep us nice and healthy:) xx


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