Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Vitamix Diaries :: going cold turkey

My boys liked:
carrot, raspberry, apple, orange and kiwi juice

My boys didn't like:
carrot, ginger, beetroot leaves, apple, orange, mixed berries and parsley juice (it was brown!)

But then my boys liked:
green grapes, apple, spinach and orange juice

Do you get my point?  I'm just chucking in whatever fresh fruit and veggies are available and seeing what happens.  I then  follow up a dodgy disaster juice with a combo sure to please, so that the boys keep getting on the proverbial horse, so to speak.

But I will ease up a bit now because I remember learning once that we shouldn't mix too many different foods together.  Best to keep it simple.

I have been a grumpy girl today.  I decided that after spending a pretty penny on my Vitamix, I should follow through with some other healthy lifestyle changes.

Almost 10 years ago I went cold turkey on alcohol, cigarettes, coffee AND meat.  But then 4 years ago, when I was expecting my first baby, two of those little vices started sneaking back.  First it was the meat.  In my 3rd trimester I was getting mighty tired and I simply couldn't be stuffed to cook two meals so on Rick's meaty night, I succumbed.  It made me feel sick but I got over that.  And now I am eating meat probably once or twice a fortnight on average.  I know it is not a lot, but I was happy being a vegetarian (oops, I should say I was a vegaquarian as I did enjoy some fish).

I'm holding my glass next to my head to show you scale.  That glass should be called a vase!
That is how big my coffee was last week!!  
The second vice has stealthily returned.  You see, I hadn't drunk caffeinated coffee in years so on the odd occasion that the local cafe gave me a fully leaded coffee instead of my decaf order, I would be buzzing up walls and having palpitations.  Hence, I avoided coffee altogether.  But about a year ago, having recommenced on decaf coffee because we were brewing our own rather nicely, I began having the real thing.  First it started with weak coffee, then to normal then to double-shots!

So today, being rather foolish, I have gone cold turkey again off full strength coffee.  I'm not even having a black tea.  Peppermint please.

But boyoboy!  I have a screaming headache! Blleeerrrk!  And then I thought I shouldn't take any headache tablets as I need to remember how rotten this is making me feel so that perhaps I will keep myself in better check in future.

I'm sipping water and eating nuts.  In fact, the nuts are helping me not eat sugar which is my other nasty vice that I have never been able to shake off.

Yes, I am hoping that because I have told you, I will keep myself accountable and not fall off the wagon!

Definitely heading off to Newcastle City Famers' Market this Sunday to stock up on organic produce.

Do you go to market?



  1. I have been catching up on your blog, after about a month! Lovely to see your amazing knitting, I am so impressed. My crocheting and knitting has come to a bit of a standstill ... But you are so productive!
    We used to have fresh juices every day, until I found out about Salicylates and amines ... Boo hoo. We had carrot, apple and celery, and the girls would only have a little carrot and apple, minus the celery! I reckon the trick is to gradually add small amounts of the less sweet veges till they get used to it.
    Good for you going off coffee etc. horrible withdrawal time but you will be glad later. Hope your headache has gone today.
    Your four year old is super cute! Great idea to have a separate candle blowing cake! Hope you have a good weekend!

  2. PS was drinking an exciting hot water while reading through your posts ... Apparently a body can get used to anything! Even a year of plain hot water!

  3. I have to say I think I drink too much coffee too, and can't quite seem to get off the sugar bandwagon, though I have certainly cut down on the stuff. I went off coffee a few years back and had the worst headaches for the first week. You are brave going cold turkey!

  4. All the best with your effort to manage your vices. Am feeling guilty at present- drinking wine, coke zero, and eating chocolate (supporting Darrel-lea).... perhaps it's time for a detox :)


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