Friday, August 3, 2012


Are you getting used to my dodgy iPhone pics yet?  


It was my baby-man's 4th birthday yesterday.  I sent him and is little brother off to Kindy as, let's face it, he had more birthday fun there with his friends than here with his mummy.

Can you see Dean eyeing off that candle? photo c/o Kindy Patch

We are having a family party on Sunday.  So he will feel sufficiently birthdayed out by Monday.

We made Liam wait until 6 pm before he could open his presents!  Totally nasty parents hey?  Rick had an early start yesterday and didn't want to miss out on the opening.  We decided to take the boys out for pizza after kindy hence the late gift giving.  Luckily, Liam is still getting used to this birthday thing and only wanted cake and friends all day.  The presents were a bonus in his eyes.

And the funniest thing was, Liam opened up his parcel of clothing (t-shirts, belt and hat) first and exclaimed "Yay! Clothes!".  Rick and I laughed so hard.   At christmas his big brother gave him some clothes and he didn't even look twice at them, wanting toys.  This time he was stoked at having clothes.  Does my head in, truly.

But Liam was even more happy to get Lego.  It was painful putting him to bed with the promise of Lego assembling in the morning.  The little trooper managed to fall asleep without too much fuss.  And yes, the first thing I was woken to this morning was Liam standing by my bed with his box of Lego "Mumma, can you open it for me . . . . puhleeeese!"

The official birthday cake is being readied for Sunday.  I am baking the cakey bits and whipping the creamy bits, but Rick is going to assemble it and sculpt it into a rocket ship.  We made a practise one last week which has me wondering if I should order a back up cake from Michele's Patisserie!

Even though I sent Liam off to kindy with a batch of extremely yellow cupcakes, I still wanted a cake for him on his special day.  Unfortunately, I didn't take a pic!  I prepared the basic of basic cakes, no baking required!  You know the one.  Grab a pack of biscuits (we used Macro Gluten Free choc biscuits) and glue the entire lot together with sweetened whipped cream into a log shape (best to whip the cream yourself as I suspect the spray can variety wouldn't cut the mustard).  Then cover the lot with cream so every inch is smothered in creamy goo.  Put it in the fridge and by morning, voila! a yummy cakey log.

Have you made one of those?  What biscuits do you use?  Do you have a variation?

We placed 4 candles on the creamy log and before we could even sing 'happy birthday', Dean blew out the candles closest to him.  Liam was very gracious.  He waited til the end of the song then extinguished his last two candles with a spray of spit, crackle crackle ppsshhh.  Suffice to say, we cut his portion from that end.

This has been a slow week for me online-wise.  I won't be posting so frequent as in recent weeks.  But I will be stalking all of you.

I won't be far away as there is much to be shared ::
~ my first giveaway
~ my new business
~ what's coming off my needles
~ and more food, health and family talk.

I love that you are a graciously patient lot.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend full of happy times and rest.

Blessings to each of you dear bloggy-buddies.



  1. Oh I was raised on chocolate log. Yum, my mum always used a chocolate biscuit, cream ans flake chocolate bar sprinkled ver the top. Birthday wishes to your Mr 4!

  2. So much birthday busyness going on around your parts...Have fun and eat lots of cake. x

  3. Happy birthday big boy! I have never heard of making a cake from biscuits? That is inspired! It is Byron's birthday tomorrow and he wants green jelly instead of cake. You might be forgiven in thinking Byron is one of the kids but he's going to be 43! I wish I had known about the biscuit cake before my trip to the supermarket!

  4. A big happy birthday to your little boy, I can just hear him asking excitedly the next morning for you to put the lego together, they don't forget do they:) I hope that the birthday party was lots of fun on the weekend and the rocket cake was a success. Wishing you a wonderful week and look forward to seeing you back here with lots of exciting things to share:) x


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