Monday, July 30, 2012

Happy day

Is the sun shining for you today?

It is shining here after what has seemed like a very long time, of overcast, drizzly grey and cold days.  The sun has popped out occasionally, only long enough to grow the grass but not dry out the ground beneath, so we are kind of swampy here.  The front half of our house has a musty mould smell which is driving my constitution to almost failure.  But the sun has come out and so have my spirits!

The weekend was spent frolicking with friends and ended with wood fired pizza! Yum.  In between, there was church, outdoor fellowshipping and furniture moving to maximise what little sun we get in this ice cave of a house.

And the sun is shining again today.

After my daily dose of coconut oil, this time atop slabs of fruit loaf from Morpeth Sourdough Bakery with slices of strawberries, the boys and I ventured out.  First to their playgroup then to the park.  We ate a picnic, threw the frisbee, chased the ball (the wind was a wild opponent) and played tip till my teeth ached from panting cold air.  Then some of our friends joined us and extended the fun.

And the sun is shining today.

I gave wee little Tiago his present and his mummy loved it.  She is a good one to give handmade to.  I know it is not everyone's cup of tea, but it is lovely when it is.  Very satisfying.

The pattern and other details for Tiago's wash cloth #2 are raveled here.

 I think that this has been an awesome start to the week.

We have played lego and we saw this view.

And Liam will turn 4 this week.  Crazy!

Have you got happy expectations this week too?



  1. Yum! I'm hungry now just looking at your strawberries! Have a great week and Happy Birthday Big Boy!

  2. We have the opposite here this week....the rain has come and looks like staying for a wee while......
    Happy Birthday to you your little guy. xx

  3. Oh it has been SO drizzily here too. It makes parenting that tiny bit harder... and the house MASSIVELY messier!

    xo em

  4. Oh yummo you make the nicest breakfasts. I must try and make the effort to have something yummy like this to start off my morning:) Have a wonderful week. x


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