Monday, July 2, 2012

Surprise feelings

Some cheerful spring blooms from our garden last year.  My internet connection is having a bad turn so I couldn't use the image I wanted 
I have to laugh at myself.  This morning I managed to sneak a bit of time online before heading out for a busy day.

I jumped on my blogger dashboard to check out the comings and goings of the blogoverse and noticed immediately that I have one less follower.  What a surprise I got from the instant emotion that I felt.  What?  Who doesn't like me?

I laughed because I have been quite happy having a low readership.  There is less pressure and I still feel like I blog for myself and my bloggy friends, not for comments.  And along the way, some of the most delightful sweet souls have encouraged me, instructed me and empathised with me.  There is something amazing in this virtual world.  I do love your comments but I don't worry if some of my posts don't attract even a page view.

But when I saw 35 instead of 36 I felt a pang of sadness.  Like I have let someone down by my erratic posting, or tardy replying or a simple lack of interesting content without any creative photos (I'm an impatient photo taker).  Or perhaps because I wasn't following back?

Do you follow everyone who follows you?

I would like to think of myself as an honest person with interests in many different things.  I follow a stack of beautiful blogs.  But I don't follow blogs that I can't relate to, aspire to or learn from.  For no other reason than I get overwhelmed by so much out there.

But then tonight, as I opened up my dashboard to tell you about Liam's trip to the audiologist, I saw that I had a new follower!  Welcome!  (I'll be over to your blog soon, The Pistachio Tree, once my mobile internet finds a better connection as it currently is crashing on your site**).  And the new total of 36 once again, did make me happy.  But it's not a number thing, it is that someone else finds a chord has been struck here.  That's nice, really nice.  Ta for that.

That's all I can muster tonight. 

Today ::
I laughed at: this post by Maxabella
I ate: extra virgin coconut oil and felt great
I listened to: my little boys sing when they thought I wasn't listening
I felt: the pressure points in my back get massaged by the chiro before she adjusted me and now I feel incredible!
I watched: Liam fail a hearing test.  I will tell you more later as I digest this and figure out what I am going to do next. Don't worry, it wasn't conclusive as he wasn't really co-operating (no surprise there!)

**Apologies to any regulars that I haven't reciprocated a visit, it would have been an oversight not a deliberate act xxx


  1. I know the feeling of a failed hearing test - especially when they are not co-operating with the test.

  2. When I first started out I followed everyone that followed me, I kind of thought that was the done thing but I soon realised that I didn't connect with everyone I had followed nor did I have the time to read the ever growing list in my dashboard so I did a major cull and it actually felt great. Our interests are ever changing Fi and sometimes what used to hold an appeal for us no longer does, it's nothing against the blogger though, it's more a personal thing.
    Emailed you this morning about Liam :)

  3. Oh Sweetheart. That numbers thing can do our heads in, can't it? I have felt that pang as well. I've finally learnt not to take it personally. I have also stopped following 100s of blogs over the years so have been on the other side. I always try to remember why I blog. And I know it's for me, first and foremost. If others enjoy it, then that's great. If they don't, I'll still enjoy my blogging. As for the hearing tests, just wait until you see the specialist before worrying yourself sick. The pixies have had 4 ENT operations between them so I know how worrying it is. Just trust the experts, Lovely. J x

  4. I know that feeling so much too, it's hard not to take it personally but I am trying hard not to worry about it. I wrote a post about it a little while ago and it's something that a lot of us feel, we only want others to enjoy our space but as long as you do than that's what matters most. As for following these days I'm only trying to follow those who I really connect with all others that I like but don't want to follow I put in my favourites and just check every so often. I'm glad to hear that you found some happy things to focus on too. I hope things work out with your little boy and his hearing test too. Take care. xx

  5. I still have only one follower haha! I'd feel the same too if someone un-followed me! At least with one follower I'll know who it is that un-follows me hahaha! xxx

  6. I can relate to the followers issue too, I lost one and gained one in the space of a day but otherwise my followers list stays pretty stable at 35.

    I've just been reading through some of your posts, now I'll go to read a few more.

    xXx Helen

  7. I can still remember my little pang of saddness when my first follower unfollowed me :) Thesedays, I don't take it personally as I myself have unfollowed blogs in order to keep things more manageable. Also, as individuals, we go through seasons where our focus/hobbies/interests change and so the blogs we follow can change too. I try to only follow blogs I connect with and don't follow someone simply because they follow me. I hope you find some answers re: your son's hearing xx

  8. And remember there are also those of us who read and love your blog but don't "follow' you! x


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