Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Today ...

I am nursing a bad tooth or an angry sinus.  I don't know which.  The two seem to be amazingly connected in the worst possible way today.

These are my symptoms:
1) A really really sore tooth but it isn't 'cavity sore'.  It was root canalled 17 years ago and now it feels like all the internal scaffolding is jabbing into my jaw, sending pain straight into my left sinus, left eye and above, across to my ear and then back down again into my lower jaw, directly under the offending tooth.

2) A horribly painful sinus which may be caused by the tooth or my sinus may be the culprit!

3) Inflamed gums around the pain

4) Super-duper cranky pants at every body.

I awoke a few days ago, in the early hours with a dry mouth and aching teeth.  It was arctically cold and my blocked nose caused me to mouth-breath all night.  Can you get a 'chill' in your mouth like you can in your back if left sitting in a draught?  I am momentarily relieved by hot drinks much like a heat pack would for a twinged muscle.

Everyday I think that it is going to get better so I don't call in the professionals.  But today I couldn't bear it any longer.

I rang the dentist - no appointments, and he will be going away for 3 weeks.  The dental nurse patiently listened to my list of symptoms (well, she did ask!) and suggested it could be my sinus and to go to the GP

I rang the doctor - booked out, perhaps tomorrow? (car is in service tomorrow)

I rang the chiropractor - tomorrow at 2.30, which made me laugh because that is exactly what I am feeling 'tooth-hurty'!  I figure the chiro can crack and adjust something in my neck, ears, face (!) to relieve the sinus pressure.  And by 2, the car should be ready or Rick may be home.

I can't do/think of much else right now.  My little business venture has come to a grinding halt.  As it turns out I am not very good at being a nurse and housewife while starting up a business.  That's ok, slow and steady etc.

But I had a little time to myself and used knitting to divert my attentions elsewhere.

In my newly converted ways, I have knitted up two more dishcloths.  But these are not for me.  I am actually going to give them to an expectant mother for baby wash cloths.  They are quite small due to the small yarn and needle I used, and better as wash cloths than for dishes.  Here is the flower pattern and here is the rain drop pattern.  You need to register to their website- its free

And I knitted up this little newborn sized beanie.  It will be cold when the little fella is due to make his entrance, so a woolly cap may be handy.

A few notes on the pattern.  There are errors in the pattern which I found out after I knitted it up originally (no photo).  This is the first time I have made it since I found the errata on Amanda's website.  I think there are errors in her corrections too.  I can't tell you what they are as in the end I just went with my instincts. Now, that is dangerous considering the amount of blinding pain I am in!

Then I couldn't decide on a pom-pom or not.  I wouldn't normally go with a pom-pom but my free-styling toward the end may have caused the slight pointy-cone look to the top of the cap.  I guess I can attach it and tell my friend to cut it off if she doesn't like it.

Knitting is so therapeutic.  I often rustle up beanies when the distraction is needed. These I did a few weeks ago for a friend's pigeon pair.

What do you do to distract from pain or stress (other than painkillers!)?



  1. Oh you poor thing! I hope your tooth pain goes really, really soon. It must be horrid!
    Love the beanie and wash cloths. Gorgeous. Your friends are so lucky to have a creative gal like you as their friend:) Stay as painless as possible xx

  2. 'Tooth-hurty' sorry I had to laugh at that :)
    Tooth pain is dreadful and I really feel for you. Hope your appt tomorrow gives you some relief.
    Those knits are adorable, love the pom pom.
    I'm crocheting some little face cloths for my sister who is due in August. Must get onto a few hats and booties too.

  3. Yes you can get a chill in your mouth. In chinese medicine, (what I learnt at school) it is cold that has got in. Does warmth to the area help?
    I hope you feel better soon. I love your knitting inspite of the the pain.


  4. Oh poor you! I hope you have had some relief by today! Sounds awful.
    We seem to be constantly at the dentist or orthodontist these days, but the only pain is from the procedures, I find! In your case you want the reverse!
    But what beautiful knitting you are doing! I am inspired to branch out with my knitting!

  5. So not good....hope you get it sorted soon..but good for you using it to get creatively distracted. x


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