Monday, June 25, 2012

A dishcloth convert

Well, I figured you were all making dishcloths, so I would give it a go too.  Initially, I thought it would be an exercise in practising pattern stitching.  I didn't think I would actually use it.  

But I am using it. 
I love it.
It wipes better than any sponge or chux wipe I have ever used.  (I am using it for wiping down surfaces, not actually for my dishes as I prefer the little hand mop or brush thing)
I will pop it in the wash when it needs it.
I am knitting up more.

The pattern for this one is here
I am also knitting up this one
I used Alpine Spritz 60% cotton 40% acrylic as that was the only cotton I had in my stash- hope it still works as well as pure cotton.  I also adapted the pattern by adding some more stitches and rows.
And you can find some more patterns here. 

What's your favourite pattern?  I'd be really stoked if you could leave me a link in the comments.

And yes, I was so proud of my new dishcloth, I took a stack of photos of it.  Sad.



  1. Hi Fi it's me again I hope you got my first comment it seems to have disappeared from your blog, very strange. I hope you enjoy using your new dishcloth and whipping up lots more, they are fun to make aren't they. Love your waffle dishcloth with the pink stripes:) x

  2. Not sad at all, it's brilliant!
    And aren't they much prettier than their commercial counterparts? Glad you are a convert Fi, I will never go back.

    I don't tend to use a pattern anymore as such but take the opportunity to practise new stitch techniques though there are a few on ravelry that I wouldn't mind making.


  3. I've used that same pattern to make dishcloths, and love it, fun to knit and they work so well in the kitchen. Mine have red stripes!

  4. It's so cool. I'm a brush girl, but it's no way near as pretty as your dish cleaning instrument!! Love Posie


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