Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Home again home again jiggity jig

I think Hervey Bay Queensland will always hold a piece of my heart.  It isn't so much the landscape, as I am partial to green rolling hills rather than the often-arid flat lands, and it isn't for the quality of lifestyle as the unemployment is still sky-high.  It holds my heart because some of the best people on earth live there.  

My husband's family.  They have taken me in as one of their own and I am learning by example how a functional family works.  How despite inevitable differences, love and respect abounds.  If you knew the family I grew up with, you would understand why I am drawn to the dynamics of a functioning family rather than the dysfunctional one I came from.  

We also made some great friends during our 11 weeks living there last year.  And visiting them last week we found that life was picked up just where we left it.  The only obvious change was in our kids.  You can't stop them from growing!  I missed seeing three of my friends but I will see you next time!

We enjoyed lots of laughs and food.  I'm definitely fatter.  Doesn't worry me though as I am not going to let it.  

After a marathon drive home leaving Hervey Bay at 6pm Monday and driving through the night, we arrived home at 6.30am Tuesday morning.  We jet-lagged ourselves though.  The boys were fine, having slept most of the way and therefore were not very good at letting us sleep yesterday.  But this morning, we are all sunshiny peachy, even if outside isn't.

Today I am hot washing my op-shop finds and blasting them in the dryer.  I figure that way I can heat the house without using the heater. 

I have a list of jobs to do that go for about two pages.  What else could I do?  I was in the passenger seat, staying awake to keep an eye on my driving hubby while the boys slept in the back.  Rick plugged his ears into his ipod as not to wake the kids and I sat in the silence apart from the sound of the tyres rolling madly over the wet road.  I used a little torch and flicked it on every few minutes as the to-do's came to mind.  

Here's an example of what flew into my head at 1.30 am:
  • Make appointments with GP, chiropractor, biochemist, plastic surgeon and naturopath
  • research benefits of bicarb in seizure management
  • order essential oils
  • wash, iron and cut fabric
  • photograph stock for shop
  • order stock tags and cards
  • back up laptops
  • update MYOB
  • check bedrooms for mould
  • plant a winter crop
  • buy a shower caddy
  • book boys into gymnastics
  • move Dean into Liam's room to share
There was  much more listed in the same random order, things that I don't think I will rush to do like weed the garden, plant a christmas bush and buy an Ab Circle Pro off ebay.  And not one thing listed about the blog.  Hmm . . . I guess I don't need reminding!

Well, I'm off now to catch up on you.  797 in my Google Reader (oh dear).  And to finish Liam's vest.



  1. Oh Fi, you gorgeous girl. I adored seeing you and your precious boys. You look so content which makes me happy. J x

  2. Your boys are adorable!! What a long drive you undertook. Making lists is something I do on long drives too :)

    1. Aww thanks Amanda. I make more lists than I can keep up with! xx


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