Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Monstera Deliciosa

Have you ever eaten one of these?

Growing up we had this plant in the jungle that was our backyard.  I never noticed any fruit on it though.  But when I was dating Rick, he saw a monstera (monsterio) and asked if I had ever tried the fruit. Ahh nuh! Que?

We have a large one growing in our backyard here.

Rick came home from work today early and upon seeing this his eyes lit up!  "Ooo yeah, it is ready!" followed by muffled "yums" as he scoffed it down with precision as to avoid getting 'spiked'.  Good grief, why eat something that can sting you?  He was going a little crazy over it so I wondered if it had some kind of drug in it.  That is not why I tasted it though!  Rick was kind of insistent.  But I am glad I did.  Wow!

I decided to do a little research on it.  And it is apparently poisonous.  I wonder if Rick knows.  I can't ask him as he is currently having a siesta (he's half spanish and therefore claims that the urge to siesta is in his DNA!) . . . I better check to see if he is breathing . . . he's ok.

Anyway this is what I found out.  It originates in the rainforests of southern Mexico to southern Columbia which is why it grows so well in tropic conditions.  The unripe fruit contains potassium oxalate which can cause throat irritation and rash.  You can't eat it until the green hexagonal scales start coming away and the pungent tropical fruit aroma is strong.  And the flesh is kinda like a drier and smaller version of pineapple.

It takes like pineapple and banana and mango and pear which is probably why it is also known as the fruit salad plant.  Some even know it as the Swiss Cheese plant for goodness knows why, there is nothing cheesey about it.

Apparently, to ripen it, you can cut it off the vine and then wrap it in paper.  This one was primarily vine ripened and we just plonked it in a large jar to as it seems to be ripening from the bottom up.

I'm glad I tried it.  I have a massive fruit phobia so this was a biggy for me.

Have you ever eaten monstera deliciosa? 
What is the strangest fruit you've tasted?



  1. I always wondered why it was called a cheese plant - I just thought Jan was nuts. We have a few of these on the block, with fruit. You are more than welcome to take the fruit off them as I doubt we will be eating them.

  2. Yup eaten it, like it, my mum used to love it weetbix! Didn't know it could be poisoness though! Interesting read Fi. Thank you xx

    1. On weetbix?! hahaha, heard it all now. I don't think my phobia will allow me to do that but I will taste it again if Rick doesn't hog the next one. Nice to see you here Rahni!

  3. Oh we had some whacky fruits growing in our garden when we lived in Darwin, the tropics are crazy fun. The best was jack fruit & of course, so many mangoes you couldn't eat them all (so you skin & freeze them for later) & one day our 3rd girl walked home with a cocoanut from someone's garden?? I've eaten so many bizarre fruits, i'm not sure where to start with my tastebuds. Love Posie

  4. I have never even heard of it but being the fruit lover that I am I would have no hesitation in trying it. I remember watching a gardening show once and being amazed at all the exotic fruit that is grown. Would love to try the chocolate fruit...not sure if that's what it's called but apparently it tastes just like chocolate. Fresh figs are something else I would love to try :)

  5. I love fruit, all kinds, and I have never heard of this one before. It sounds interesting. I've eaten the fruit of a prickly pear before which has a strange texture but is quite tasty. One of my dream getaways involves a B&B in the Daintree which is an exotic tropical fruit farm.
    xXx Helen


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