Friday, June 1, 2012

More PJs, sick kidlets and a holiday

So following on with my success in making pjs for Dean, I made two more pairs of pj pants.  And because I didn't feel overly enthused to tackle the pyjama shirt again, I opted for cheap long-sleeve t's and appliqué.

I used my star shaped biscuit cutter and traced around it.  And here I will cease telling you how I did it because I really don't know how to appliqué!  With all the on line tutorials on the subject, you'd think I would have done my research first, but no.  I thought that a simple iron-on interfacing and a little zig-zag stitching would do the trick.  Well, it didn't.  The stars started to come away after only one wash!  Pah!  So I stitched a straight line and have crossed my fingers.  Oh well.

I used the same pattern as before but for Liam's pair (pictured first), I didn't add the cuff, I simply extended the legs as I had run out of contrasting fabric.  Likewise, Dean's pair (pictured last) didn't get the contrast fabric on the waistband.  But that is neither here nor there.  I am pleased that I can go freestyle this early on in my sewing capers.

My little men were sick last week.  Another lurgy from kindy.  And it was cold.  So rugging up in blankies and watching dvds was in order.  But I worry about Liam.

As you know, Liam suffers from generalised seizures (here and here too).  He is now on medication.  It has slowed him down and the seizures have seemingly come under control (for now!!).  But he is a different little man.  Some of the change I don't mind because I think he is able to concentrate a little harder.  I don't like seeing him so tired and he is putting on weight.  He is still in 50 percentile which isn't bad at all, I just worry about the rapid gain and will it keep going?  And the most worrying part is  . . . . he's just not himself anymore.  I have discovered a quieter more polite and considerate little man (at times), but I miss some of his former energetic craziness! (I don't believe I just wrote that- sheesh, I'm the crazy one!!)

We worry a lot as mothers don't we?  Dean nearly ran out in front of a car yesterday.  So it isn't all unfounded worry.  They do crazy things in a blink of an eye.  Us mothers feel guilty for blinking.

We are off this weekend for a much needed holiday.  Heading back up to Hervey Bay to see family and reconnect with the wonderfully amazing friends we made up there.  Might be MIA for a bit.  See you soon.



  1. Clever you!!! How good are you, two pairs of pants on your own. I taught you well

  2. Hope your holiday fixes your sickness blues. xxx

  3. Great pjs! My Emily is on tegretol but we haven't had any adverse reactions. My friends's son was on tegretol and she noticed him being quite "sluggish" and sleepy, so they changed medication. I can understand your concern, it's so hard to not know the future for your child's health. Perhaps down the track a different medication or a low dosage? But good to have the seizures helped. Take care!


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