Thursday, May 31, 2012

A little thrifting and cabinet filling

I warned Rick that I would be on the look-out for new old china to fill the cabinet he built me.  Why did I have to warn him?  Because when we moved last year I gave away and sold (for a pittance) most of my beloved thrifted china.  I was in a bad place in my head and my hasty decisions have come back to haunt me.  It is only stuff though (so I keep telling myself) and now they are being loved by someone else.  I did give a very special teacup away to a lovely friend and that one is the only one that hasn't haunted me.  I know it will be adored and used which makes me happy and melts away the anxiety of that time.

Rick took me out for Mother's Day on the Friday before and indulged me in some op-shopping/antique store browsing.  He was remarkably patient.  The lady at the antique store asked if we were together.  I said "oh, really?  You think he'd be in here without me?  Of course we are together" to which she replied "He's good, husbands usually wait outside!".  Sigh, what a hubby.

I only found this beautiful plate (pictured above).  I actually don't mind coming away with only one thing, it makes it more special.  Sometimes if I find numerous treasures, I have to share the thrill across each item.

These are the only teacups that didn't get abandoned last year by me.  The front left teacup set was given to me by my mother when I was in my early 20s.  She stumbled across it in a little antique store on the north shore of Sydney and despite being on a low income, she spent a pretty penny on it.  It touched my heart that she would do that.  I love it and can't bear to part with it e v e r.  The middle one I found years ago in an antique store, somewhere in Sydney.  It is not the same brand as the one Mum gave me but it is quite similar inside and I imagine one day a friend will visit and drink tea from it with me.  And the set on the right is the last remaining teacup from my Granny's wedding china.  Apparently my mother (her daughter-in-law) smashed almost the entire set over the years but this one remains.  It makes it even more special because I have a giggle when I think about my mum's clutzy ways and how my Granny would have tsked tsked tsked!

So you see, the cabinet is filling up nicely.  There are only a few thrifted items in it, the rest are from my Granny or Mum.  Below decks I proudly keep a knitted blankie my Granny made for my offspring (before I was even spoken for!  Years before in fact).  Some yarn, yarny craft books and my circles quilt.

And today, while out and about I popped into Vinnies.  I am on the look-out for vintage sheets for a new venture I am planning.  I just adore vintage sheets, don't you?  I can't wait to get my collection in order and processed.  I am continually thinking about the quilt designs I want to make with these treasures.  Yes, I think I am obsessed.

What are you obsessed with? 



  1. Hi swwet Fiona, I just love reading through your blogs and seeing your handiwork. Yes, I think we can see that you are creatively obssessed (ooh, are there too many s's there)? with making patchwork quilts. What a lovely obsession, as I too enjoy them. I really like your circle one, I'd love to catch up with you one day. Keep on being creative and sew, sew, or knit, knit or crochet, crochet, whatever takes your fancy. love Pam

  2. Vintage china!!! I love it. I love green so i'm always on the look out for green johnson bros and meakin. It's definitely an addiction that I have to be very careful with but what fun it is! Happy collecting again, Fiona x

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  4. Isn't it wonderful to be able to take your time seeking out treasures to fill your cabinet with? I love that each piece found has a history behind it...oh the stories they could tell. I would happily sit and sip tea with you.
    I have always obsessed over vintage sheets right back to the days of my youth when I used to oogle over my Nana's ones and I am continuously on the hunt for Johnson of Australia, vintage china and little golden books to add to my growing collections. Vintage pyrex and kitchenalia are also things I am quite fond of...actually I am a little obsessed with the thrill of thrifting full stop :)
    I am loving the sound of your little venture Fi.
    Happy weekend friend xx

  5. What fun to start a NEW china collection and know you have space for it! You have some lovely lovely pieces. I'm also on the lookout for vintage sheets, missed one the other day by a few minutes!


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