Friday, May 4, 2012

Feed Me Friday :: Chia Energy Bites

Pinned it then produced it - #3

Yes, I am attempting to keep my Pinterest activities in check by actually attempting some of the wonderful inspirations I am discovering.

So my Pin/Produce #1 was this rocket, #2 this sewing kit jar and #3 is this lovely little recipe from The Chic Life.

Diana has some really lovely recipes.  She is a Zumba instructor, is very health conscious and loves fashion.  She's got me all inspired to be more active and healthy- don't you just love blogs that move you to take positive action in your life?

So go to her recipe here.  I doubled the chia seeds quantity to 2 Aussie tablespoons.  And I used almonds instead of walnuts.  I found that one cup of currants was too sweet.  I am not sure if I used the correct type of currants so next time I will use probably halve that amount and perhaps add apricots.

You can check out other recipes I have been inspired enough to pin here.

Have a wonderful weekend!  xxx

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