Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Frame it! Instant Masterpiece

You see what I am getting at?

Liam painted these at age 3

Whack it in a frame and it looks like it can be dissected, discussed and pondered.

I love that Liam painted these.  I love watching him at it.  Such passion and concentration.  But don't get me wrong . . . I have called these "Intervention".  If I hadn't intervened, that is, taken them from him, they would have ended up black.  He likes to paint in layers of colour then finish off with black, and hide it all!  I guess he paints for himself.  That is cool.  But saving the odd one for others to see is good too.   Don't you think?

Have you framed your kids' masterpieces?  What do you do with them?


  1. Oh definitely! We have framed a few over the years only to replace them with more recent art as time goes by. Each of our children have a keepsake box filled with things, including art, that I can't bare to throw away. I am not sure that they will come to appreciate my sentimentality but I hope that one day they can look back with fond memories of the pieces of their childhoods that I have tried to preserve :)

    Liam is quite the artisit.

  2. We have loads of kids art framed about our place. I love it and I think it's super important for them to see their work displayed, valued, enjoyed. My little boy did the same as Liam...all about the process I guess but I agree some intervention is ok now and then to preserve their initial pieces.


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