Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother Love

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It's true.  Mother means love.  It does.  
Some don't realise that, I know. I have not always shown it myself.  
And today, I feel so unworthy of being my sweet sons' mother.  
But beyond my shortcomings are blessings that only God can give.  
He entrusted these souls into my care and I will not let Him down, by keeping the faith.

‎"Can a woman forget her nursing child,
And not have compassion on the son of her womb?
Surely they may forget,
Yet I will not forget you."

~Isaiah 49:15

And everyday since I have become a mother, I have marvelled at what a job my Mother did.  
I never did appreciate it until now.

For an inspiring story of maternal determination, click on the link below the image

Oh and what did we do today?  Well, it all began Friday with a surprise date with Rick without our boys.  
Then flowers (I love love love chrysanthemums for Mother's Day, I think its a lovely lovely lovely tradition!- but please, they must be white)
On Saturday I met my step-grandson.  And held him.  And fell in love.  Possibly ovulated (I have no control over these things!)

And despite waking up to Dean's gorgeous 2 year old nappied bottom on my face and a wriggly snotty 3.5 year old Liam kicking around in the bed at 4.30 am (geez looweez!), I have had a marvellous day.

Rick took care of the kids, then made me brekky, then took us out.

When we came home, they fell asleep and I went shopping here (bargains!)

Dinner is thawing out on the sink but I suspect takeaway could still be an option.

I hope you have celebrated motherhood in style today.  I hope that today did not bring you mourning. 

Motherhood is such a blessing for me.  My biggest challenge in life yet, and I suspect, it will never be topped.


  1. Happy mothers day lovely girl!

  2. I don't think we ever appreciate the true extend of our mothers until we become mothers ourselves :)
    Nice to see that you made a weekend of it, happy Mother's Day Fi.

  3. Hello Fiona,
    Sorry I have been off the radar, time to sit down and read blogs seems to have slipped down the list of priorities over the last few months.
    I love the quotes you found. I hope that your Mothers Day tea was lovely whether is was the thawed out or take away version!


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