Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Pyjamas of an artist

Can you believe I actually made these pj's?  Yes, I selected the fabric, cut it out, ran it through my little brother (aka my noisy but ever-so-lovable sewing machine) and hopped on the Aldi overlocker and voile!  Please don't mistake this as a show-off as these pj's are quite imperfect.  I have never made pants or completed a shirt before (this one is still incomplete at Jen's somewhere hahaha).  I'm delighted in them.  They look so cute on Dean and they go with this pair that Jen made for Liam. And really, this all couldn't have happened without Jen's help.  Everyone needs a Jen for a friend I say!

via - thanks Jen :-)

I made Dean's a little while back but only got round to doing the buttons a few days ago.  Meanwhile, Dean has been wearing the pants so they are more worn looking than the shirt.

The pattern is Oliver & S - Sleepover PJs.  The fabric is a space invaders flannelette from Spotlight which they have run out of at my local.  The trim is just some Spotlight quilting weight white dots on red.

I had plans to take photos of Dean in them this morning as the light was beautiful just by our front door, but during Liam's morning lessons (yes, I am attempting home preschooling!), Dean discovered his artistic talents and soiled them.

Dean is truly a talented little artist.  I can't show you his artwork though because the inspiration to photograph it didn't come to me.  Why?  Because his choice of medium left much to be desired.  Poo.  Yes, Dean has moved on from painting his saliva on anything that doesn't move to  . . . poo.  Perhaps he likes actually having a colour to work with.  Who knows.  Hopefully it is a one-off!

Apart from it being smudged all through his pyjamas, I found it on the floor, walls and furniture in almost every room!  I have wiped and disinfected this entire house and sprayed almost a whole can of deodoriser . . . I can still smell it. Pong.

I took this on my iPhone when I first finished the pants.  How can I be cross with such a cutie-pie?

And because I am so thrilled to bits with myself, I have just made another two pairs of pj pants.  One for Liam and one for Dean.  They are awaiting the waist band so I will show when done. I really don't like having too many WIPs or as my neighbour calls them UFOs (un-finished objects), so keep watching this space.


  1. Fi I would certainly be showing these pj's off, imperfections and all they are rather brilliant! I especially love the space invaders fabric, it takes me back to my younger days :)
    I think I'll have to source this pattern myself.

  2. These are just gorgeous! My 6 year old son also sports a pair of pj pants I made him with that same space invaders fabric! :) You are super clever to attempt a top! xx

  3. You have done a great job with them...and the story is too funny...'casue it didn't happen to me I guess. xxx

  4. These are great pj's Fiona. Love the fabric combo too that space invader fabric is pretty cool. Sorry about all the mess, it's certainly a story I'm sure that will be much funnier later on for you. My mum has one of those stories to tell about me sadly. (lol) xx

  5. Great jammies Fiona! I love the prints and your passion for crafting really shines through here! Congrats on becoming an Aunty Nana too!


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